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10 Most Promising iCard Service Providers - 2018
Gone are the days when peoples’ identity depended on the laminated paper voter IDs, ration card diaries and other yesteryear ways of identification. iCards in 2018 are nothing short of technological marvels where they offer a variety of services for people of all ages and professions of all types and these services are most often tailor-made for the necessities of corporates, educational institutions, banks and other industry verticals. Versatility being the name of the game, digital iCards now can not only identify individuals, but authenticate their authorization to enter vicinity and the technology...Read More
20 Most Promising Barcode Systems Providers – 2018
Who knew that a humble invention by Norman Joseph in 1952 would become a globally applied method of recognizing consumer goods only in a few decades! Utilized in schools, corporates, hospitals, manufacturing industry and in almost all the retail sectors across the globe, barcode solutions have appeased a significant pain point of product recognition across the board. What was then a cutting edge technology has gradually paved way for stringent security technologies like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), QR Codes, 2D barcodes and many others and carved a niche for itself in industries of all kinds....Read More
20 Most Promising Virtual Reality Solution Providers – 2018
Started from the invention of television sets, the presence of digital screens in human life is extending day-by-day. Washing machines, computers and now smartphones, our lives are constantly surrounded by screens. The increasing use of gadgets has made screens an essential ingredient in our life. As a result, it has changed how we communicate, work, travel, purchase and more. In the course of introducing more compelling experience with screens for users, technology giants are leveraging in manifold novel technologies to stay ahead in the market. Considered as a promising technology in this field, virtual...Read More
20 Most Promising Energy Storage Companies - 2018
As per a recent survey, there is only enough non-renewable energy to last mankind for not more than 100 years. Relying too much on the non-renewable fossil fuels such as oil and gas needs to be ceased and its high-time we shift the gear to make more use of the renewable energy resources. What India and the world at large seek is the energy source that can not only facilitate the world energy crisis but also create enough to repositate it for future usage, without tipping off the ecological balance.  Unfortunately, though available in plenty ,the solar power and wind power are easily harnessed the solution...Read More
20 Most Promising 3D Printing Service Providers-2018
Recently a video featuring the talent of an architect by qualification and a pâtissier by profession took the internet by storm when she incorporated the never seen before geometrical art in her pastries, giving it a contemporary modern look and just as delicious. Turns out, the seemingly difficult mould was the result of simple design instructions given to a 3D printer that in a jiffy created modern art aiding tools. That is not all. Healthcare industry is now veering towards 3D printing to create complex prosthetics and medical instruments that would otherwise take a considerable amount of time if done...Read More
20 Most Promising Mobile CRM Apps - 2018
The world has long gone digital and now it is making way for mobile digital. With the world being more connected than ever, mobile applications are paving into the day-to-day lives of the common consumer and heavily impacting the way corporate houses conduct business. With the help of CRM apps, business houses are now able to track their sales strategy, align their precious asset, the sales workforce and combine these two poignant elements together to align with the business vision set for growth and prosperity. This changes the way to conduct business operations. Users and customers both can expect...Read More
10 Most Promising Home Automation Companies - 2018
Time and tide waits for none so it is imperative that you make the most of what the world has to offer. However, with our busy lifestyles and not to forget, archaic responsibilities, it is a tad bit difficult to find the recreational leisure time to simply unwind. Though this might not seem to be a big deal, but household chores tend to take a major chunk of our timeline and streamlining them is something that is now no more a luxury. Home automation companies are now a blessing in disguise that are taking the baton of smoothening your household objectives, ensuring minimum wastage and maximum benefit. With...Read More