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10 Most Promising Real Estate Awards - Hyderabad - 2020

A headline stated that Hyderabad's commercial real estate witnessed 172 percent growth in the last five years and according to the report by Knight Frank India, Hyderabad is one of the few cities to record positive rental growth of 2 percent year-on-year (YoY) in Q3 2020. The residential prices went up by a significant value of 5.3 percent (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) in 10 years, and even during the present COVID-19 challenge, the amount stays the same. Apart from Bengaluru, Hyderabad is among the only two metro cities to not witness a decrease in the residential prices when the market uncertainties...Read More

10 Most Promising Real Estate Projects - Bengaluru - 2020

Because of nationwide lockdown in previous months, housing sector witnessed gentle growth. On one side the realty sector had interest from the buyers from June 2020, on the other it was low enquiry counts, when compared to the early days of the year before coronavirus outbreak. Bangalore, which too was under the lockdown norms, the control measures adopted by the city allowed buyers to enquire about properties in different parts of the region. When social distancing is the new way of living, potential buyers are searching for properties under the guidance of technology. Technology also is helping buyers...Read More

10 Most Promising Corporate Facility Management Service Providers - 2020

Unlike the traditional facility management space, the professional facility management domain has gained huge momentum over the recent years. It has indeed evolved into one of the primordial necessities for building owners today due to its varied advantages including enhancement of the lifespan of the building and adherence to diverse building health and safety standards. The other factors fostering the growth of facility management industry in India are the need to reduce operating costs of facilities, increasing demand for energy conservation, optimum usage of building solutions, and many others.

...Read More
Top 10 Residential Projects from Bangalore - 2020

Bangalore, often renowned as the Silicon Valley, is currently home to large brackets of IT professionals, startups and well-established businesses. Its pleasant climate, diverse cultures, commercial ecosystem, and many other factors project Bangalore as one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the world. Hence, the population of the city kept increasing with time while giving a new dimension of growth and development to the real estate sector. Especially the residential sector has gained huge momentum over the recent years, thereby satiating the evolving needs of people with thousands of customized and...Read More

10 Most Promising Property Management Companies - 2020

The real estate industry in India is thriving. Over the years the industry graph has shown an upward trend, and from the last few years, it has shown a growth rate of about 30 percent each year. The real estate sector of India is a very vast sector and it comprises of various sub-sectors including housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial. Though these sub-sectors are a certain reason for the growth, what is trending nowadays is the property management segment in real estate.

With the continued migration of residents both within the country and abroad, investors in real estate have all along...Read More

10 Most Promising Apartment and Society Software Companies - 2020

Today, there has been a shift of preferences among people to stay in apartment complexes rather than taking the headache of constructing their own private buildings. Thus, we are witnessing a significant increase in the constructions of numerous housing complexes and societies all across India.  Moreover, with the advancements in various technologies, we are witnessing various apartment and society management software in the marketplace. These technology driven products and services significantly help in managing every aspect when it concerns apartment society maintenance. To name a few from taking...Read More

10 Most Promising Civil Engineering Companies - 2020

Construction & infrastructure domain plays an important role in the growth factor of developing countries like India. With India’s GDP projected at 5.3 percent in 2020, trained professionals as well as skilled industry players are the need of the hour to achieve a continued progression. Being a capital-intensive industry, the civil engineering and construction sector is an imminent contributor to the national economy, as the range of consumers of the market has varied over the years.

According to the report published by Invest India, India’s construction industry is expected to...Read More

10 Most Promising Interior Design Service Providers in India - 2020

In recent years, India has gone through significant changes in terms of lifestyle, employment, and migration from one place to another. Indians are now getting fast-paced and are developing a taste for a high-end lifestyle. They are also becoming more conscious about the feel of their home & workplaces. With this, people these days are doing away from their old traditional interior settings and are now opting for aesthetic indoor designs & décors that cater to their modern-day lifestyle. From elegant interiors to cozy indoors, consumers are now going for products...Read More

10 Most Promising Swimming Pool Consultants - 2020

Today, with the rising income levels and high investment capacity of individuals, increased aspirations, changing lifestyles and standard of living, India is witnessing a rising demand for attractive amenities in residential & commercial complexes. One interesting trend that is being observed largely across the luxury, as well as mid-level residential projects in India, is the demand for swimming pools.

Gone are those days when swimming pools where constructed in a single shape and size. Today, the evolution of design trends with...Read More