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Real Estate Awards Hyderabad -2018

While metropolitan cities are slowly getting back on track post demonetization, GST and RERA reforms, Hyderabad realty sector seems unaffected by these factors and recites a different story. Interestingly, Hyderabad has emerged as the top in­vestment destination in the real estate sector, attracting $793 million, ahead of $694 million secured by Bengaluru, states a KPMG report. Sharing equitable relationship with political stability that seeded stabilization in the sector back in 2014, Hyderabad’s real estate industry forecasts a positive and aggressive out­look in infrastructural development...Read More

20 Most Promising Online Real Estate Websites - 2018

India is a country every investor, entrepreneur and leader looks into, and the exploding growth of e-Commerce market has created a huge level of motivation for the executives, thought leaders and business tycoons to bring their businesses online. The online real estate services industry in India is one of the fastest growing markets and is expected to reach $180 billion by 2020. With the recent outburst of high speed Internet technologies like 5G, and the introduction of hybrid smartphones, and VR technologies, buyers are spending much of their time comparing properties online....Read More

20 Most Promising Proprty Management Service Providers - 2018

As job mobility is picking up pace, professionals are now becoming a part of the growing migrant population which is redefining city layouts and residential decisions. This gives rise to the preference of renting a property rather than owning one, as the former seems to be more economical and hassle free when the next migration comes up. Gone are the days when relatives and friends used to take care of the property in our absence and this decision not only adds a burden to the fellows but increases the chances of risk and negligence when it comes to maintenance. This inclination towards renting out have...Read More

Siliconindia Real Estate Awards, Bengaluru - 2018

Being one of the best coveted investment destinations in South India, Bengaluru attracts the non-locals who come to work to the city and end up putting an investment in the real estate market as the capital appreciation is sizeable in this part. Several property consultants claim that the Silicon Valley of India has emerged as the front-runner in the property market as the housing demand and supply in the city is higher than that of Hyderabad and Chennai during the first quarter of the year. The recent rise in commercial activity, several infra-upgrades, and improving transparency...Read More