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10 Most Promising Interior Decorators - 2017

Aesthetic appeal is no more the forte of the rich and the resplendent. With growing incomes and lifestyle awareness, social class is merely a word that exists in the newspapers and magazines. Today people are not content with just owning a house. They want to have the modern ulterior look that perfectly complements the nature and style of the owner. Interestingly, these preferences have existed since time immemorial that can still be seen in centuries old monuments spread across the nation. However, it wasn’t until the late 1980’s when interior design took shape as a...Read More

10 Most Promising Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers-2017

With the inception of core processors giants like Intel and many others, the supersonic rise of the Electronic Manufacturing Industry was anything but inevitable. The worldwide electronics manufacturing services (EMS) market is a determining force in production of electronics products and now accounts for almost 40 percent of all assembly. The Original Electronics manufacturers often turn to this industry for their product fulfilment. With the expertise and the exact know-how of the industrial trends, the EMS providers prove to be the perfect partners to resolve the...Read More

10 Most Promising Product Engineering Services - 2017

The only thing constant in this world is change. From the evolution of wheel and fire, today we are building scientific and geographic marvels that can only be attributed to development and change over the years. Product engineering services have played a vital role in building the world that we know today. Though the inception of this industry took stand millennia ago, the true blue PSE engineering took form in the recent decade. ‘Product Evolution’ is one of the key aspects that are helping companies thrive in this industrial jungle. In a world where the companies...Read More

10 Most Promising Security & Personal Safety Service Providers - 2017

When people see a uniformed security guard in their premises, it gives them an assurance of safety and protection. A trained security personnel works wonders in improving the credibility of the organisation, a residential society or a commercial establishment as he/she are directly linked with protection. While the in-built valour plays a great role in building these security personnel, the security and personal security service providers play an immense role in training them and making them attuned with the existing issues.

Such organisations...Read More

10 Most Promising CCTV Companies - 2017

Gone are the days when security was only limited to a watchman holding a lathi and making rounds of the premises. As crime is advancing towards a more futuristic model, safety and security parameters have to be at par with it to successfully negate its impact. CCTV cameras are one the most resounding and reliable source of security as they encompass the entire area without the requirement of any sort of management. As the demand for a more compact and hassle free technology, IP and network cameras are gaining popularity as the go-to security cameras to make remote...Read More

10 Most Promising Telecom Service Provider – 2017

For years, many telecom organizations were warned against the ice berg of destruction that the industry was predicted to collide into. Despite relative slowdowns, customers continue to use network solutions and telecom industry always finds an avenue to not only feed this hunger but leverage for a better industrial future. After all, what industry would fancy a breakdown? The competition for networks is unruly and they need state of art infrastructure, smooth network funnels and an all-round maintenance to ensure that the network requirement never goes down.  Telecom solution...Read More

10 Most Promising Engineering Solution Providers - 2017

According to a report by The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India (ASSOCHAM) and EY, the Indian electronics and hardware industry is expected to reach 112-130 billion US$ by 2018, as the electronics and hardware manufacturers are looking to increase their manufacturing bases in India to cater the domestic market as well as the Middle East, Africa and SAARC countries. Another report by India Electronics & Semiconductor Association states that the Indian Electronic System Design and Manufacturing(ESDM) market will grow from US$ 76 billion in 2013 to US$400 billion by 2020.

With India...Read More

10 Most Promising BFSI Service Providers – 2017

The projected growth trajectory of India’s banking and finance sectorshows that it will become the fifth largest banking industry in 2020 and the third largest in 2025 according to the KPMG-CII reports. With the recent developments and policy changes in the economic front, the industry which is ‘digitalizing’ its services to easily carry out transactions and communicate with the masses,has geared up for an episode of accelerated growth.Pro-business sentiments, controlled inflation and improved customer confidence will reinforce economic growth which will in turn be reflected in the banking...Read More

10 Most Promising Printing & Designing Solution Providers-2017

Print and design is omnipresent, be it your visiting card, favorite book or personalized gifts. Gone are the days when print and design was considered more of a brick & mortar job,where printing industry was concentrated more on label & packaging printing. Today, print digitization and integration of automated printing, cloud technologies, advanced machinery and ink & paper has taken printing industry to a new stature. It is estimated that the total Indian market for printing & designing will be around $79 million by 2021.Taking benefit of this massive space, numerous print companies and...Read More

10 Most Promising Logistics Solution Providers - 2017

The Indian logistics sector, although still unorganised, is undergoing a sharp transition. Transportation and Communication accounted for seven percent of the nation’s GDP in 2015, accounting for around $130.44 billion. Despite India being one of the fastest developing nations, it lacks proper infrastructure to cover the entire landmass that constitutes the sub-continent, thus resulting in poor logistics coverage to remote areas. Also, the logistics costs are relatively high in India due to poor condition of roadways, inefficient communication systems, delays at cross-border check-points and...Read More