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Healthcare Solution Providers-2016-March.

Healthcare is one of the basic fundamental requirements for every one. From the Hindu Ayurveda or the Chinese technique of Acupuncture, to the latest technique of Allopathy or the highly advanced laser treatment, the healthcare segment has grown leaps & bounds and has evolved into one of the most technically advanced industry sectors across the world. The Indian healthcare industry is expected to grow at 15 percent CAGR reaching close to $160 billion by 2017, according to a recent research. Unlike other domains, the healthcare domain is a very sensitive segment, where the challenges & risk factors...Read More

Consultant of the Year - 2016

From a mere advisor to a business-critical arm of an organization who strategically steer the businesses towards the pinnacle of success, the role of a consultant has gained a much more impetus. Needless to say, the same demand has also led to the rise of countless domestic and foreign consulting firms which are churning out high and promising performers, thus making the domain one of the fastest growing industries. It is claimed that the numbers are likely to increase upto 2.2 lakh consultants working across nearly 9000 firms in India, over the next few years.

The success factors for the...Read More

25 Most Promising Unified Communication Companies 2016

Unified communication, as the market has realized in recent times, no doubt is the most seamless way of communicating via wide range of integrated solutions and market in India has flashed a decent growth of 6.3 percent. Segments such as social media, unified messaging, web-conferencing plays a dominant role in the industries today due to the upsurge of interaction and integration within the industry. Such development has brought the divergent worlds of telecommunication and IT in parallel to each other. Research has flashed an upsurge in the unified communication and it was found that 56 percent of the...Read More

20 Most Promising Enterprise Mobility Companies - 2016

India has come to the fore as one of the fastest growing market in terms of Enterprise Mobility, stowed behind America and China. The market is expected to inflate from $1.7 billion to $2.3 billion over a couple of years, which opens up the sphere and makes the country a wet land for rooting enterprises. The rapid proliferation of powerful mobile devices boosted enterprise mobility market to achieve the recent opulence. Organizations discern enterprise mobility as a tool for enhancing productivity & efficiency. This has propelled enterprises to look for specialist providers who can please this demand,...Read More

20 Most Promising Pharma & Life Sciences Solution Providers - 2016

The global pharmaceutical industry, which was worth $390 billion ten years ago, has now crossed the one trillion mark and is still marching forward majestically. Even though the top 10 pharma companies (all from U.S. and Europe) control over one-third of this vast market and reap close to $10 billion in revenue each year, a large number of startups and SMBs across the world are competing with each other not just to get their share of pie, but also make a name for themselves in this fiercely competitive domain.

Even though this can be seen as a major boost to healthcare conditions of countries...Read More

20 Most Promising e-Commerce Companies - 2016

The number of internet users in India which was poised at 354 million in June last year is expected to cross the 500 million mark by the end of this year. This exponential growth of internet penetration in India has been a very strong growth factor for most industry verticals. However, e-Commerce is the one segment which has grown leaps & bounds by unleashing the true potential of the internet. According to a survey by Google, the number of online shoppers in India which was 35 million in 2014 will cross the 100 million mark by the end of this year.

However, consumer behaviors and expectations...Read More

20 Most Promising Media & Entertainment Companies - 2016- August

The retiring announcement of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant occurred not on a major sports telly-network but via social media and the digital publisher - ‘Players’ Tribune’. There is no requirement to anticipate where this $1.86 trillion worth Media & Entertainment industry is directed. The global M&E market is predicted to hit $2 trillion milestone by 2019 and beyond the vacillations, social media and other digital platforms will be soaring the handouts. The video & app quakes are the trending modus operandi in this realm that demands creating fans, rather than being...Read More

20 Most Promising Energy & Utility Solution Providers - 2016

“The stone-age did not end for lack of stone, and the oil-age will end long before the world runs out of oil.”- Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, former Saudi Arabian Oil Minister vocalized these words in 2000. After 16 years, the world has begun to make a move from the conventional oil-age, replicating what he said. Technology is revamping the Energy & Utility (E&U) domain in every aspect. The world is shifting power sources to green, renewable energy radicals and implementing complex demand management methods. IT works as a critical engine in these transitions, whether it is implementing...Read More

20 Most Promising Banking Solution Companies in India - 2016

Indian banking industry has witnessed tremendous transformation in the recent years and molded according to the modern economic needs, which are diverse in nature, of distinctive variety and large magnitude. Credit, market and liquidity risk reports have reflected that the Indian banks are irrepressible and have endured with the global depression as well and as per IBA-FICCI-BCG report, India’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth will make the Indian banking industry the third largest in the world by 2025. Financial entities are involved in multiple sort of banking such as corporate, retail, mortgage...Read More

20 Most Promising Telecom Solution Companies - 2016

Telecommunication, as we all know, is the bloodline for almost all businesses now. Insight Research projects that the global telecommunications services revenue, which was $2.2 trillion last year, will touch the $2.4 trillion by 2019. In India alone, being the second largest telephone user base in terms of both mobile & fixed line subscribers, the total annual revenue which stood at $64 billion in 2013-14 is expected to double itself by the end of this decade.

Post the Universal Access Service licence in 2003, the 3G & 4G spectrum auctions became tougher, pushing the Indian telecom...Read More