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Ask Vikram Gaikwad for Advice
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Vikram Gaikwad
Vikram  Gaikwad

Vikram Gaikwad

HR Professional

Honeywell Automation India Limited

My achievements
My achivements were receiving a Global Award Honeywell SAP Team for Recruiting the Core Team in a very short span of time as this was the first time Honeywell , Pune was recruiting SAP Professional. I have also received the Upcoming Talent award from Honeywell Turbo India Limited.
Influenced by
My parents, My Friends Group called Destiny and all my seniors whom i have worked with. My parents have influenced me interms of my thinking towards people , staying grounded, respect for individuals, my friends for supporting me always and giving me confidence and my seniors for beleiving in me and helping me inoverciming difficult situations
My family background
My Dad is a Retired Manager from Tata Motors, My Mom works as Social Welfare officer with Tata Motors and my wife is working with Wipro Technologies as Senior Software Engineer. My younger brother is a Insurance Agent plus he is a avid social worker
My role model
My role model will be my Father as because of him i have excelled in my professional life. I still remember the way he mamaged finances for my MBA.He is a very simple and down to earth person . He always made sure that i got all the necessary support and facilities during my education.He is a great friend whom i discuss each and everything about life and profession.
Initiative to develop a country
I think we need to devote some amount of time from out corporate life towards standardising the Government procedures and systems and laws. Professionals from all the stareams should suggest and work to develop and improve the Governance system of India as that is the major challenge today no matter how much we grow as a nation.Also we should have inspiring leaders who have a good vision for India .The Political systems and parties should work like corporate organisations where they are accountable
Degree that I recommend
I want to learn Sanskrit and one foreign Language and a degree /diploma in Event Management
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Proactive Thinking, Understand the Team dynamics, Lead with Example.
Respect towards individuals and futuristic thinking.
Important lesson learned
The important lessons which i have learnt in life is not to expect anything from anyone as through that you will always be happy and not dependent on anyone and also you should not compare yourslef with anyone. I also feel that you should respect each and every individual who come your way.
Ensuring success
I always see to that i am regulary in a learning phase so that i am always updated on whatever new is happening in my area of profession. I also make a point that i am aware of information in all the sectors like Politics, Sports, Science, Technology so that i am always ready for a conversation
My strongest skill
My strongest professional skills is doing work in a organized way.
Integrity in my work is my strongest attribute and helping attitude towards employees as i am in HR Profession . My energy towards my work is also one of my strongest professional skill.
Couple of years from now
I see myself as Talent Acquisition Leader leading a Team .
Important decision
The important decisions that i have made is working with a Organisation like Honeywell and staying with them and growing with the Organisation.
I was ready to take new opportunities and roles offered to me in Honeywell which gave me a good exposure and professional growth
More about myself
I am an avid Facebook person. I always post inspriring and thoughtful qoutes on my Facebook page which keeps me motivated and i also play Volleybal for 1 hour everyday which keeps me fit and healthy .
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The Education system should be more concentrated on quality education and education for all . As we now see most of the schools and colleges fees structure is not in the range of common man. Education should be affordable which is not the case now. Teaching also should be seen a good profession, if there are no good Teachers then education system will not be in good position. The education should always be updated as per the current gloabl scenarios and should be more skill based and looking at the potential of the students
Brief description about me
My total professional experience is around 8 years in HR.
My core area is Recruitments , Staffing, Employee relations,Employee engagemnet, Sports and Event management and CSR. I have worked with companies like Adecco and Suzlon before joining Honeywell. I have been fortunate to work with good and inspiring managers in my career till date which has helped to grow professionaly in my career. I am currently working with Honeywell as Senior Staffing Lead.

Specialties:Recruitment, Staffing, People Management, Employee Relations, Event Management,Sports Management, Corporate Social Responsibility.

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