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Anurag Sri
Anurag Sri

Anurag Sri

Project Co-ordinator@ Ramboll India


Goals and Ambitions
Establish at a lever where i like and love my job, do what i can do the best
Making job easier
journey till now has been complicated and somewhat more out of circumustances not by choice , Dedication and love for my Mother is the only reason i could continue despite of all odds and oppositions ,
Managing professional as well as personal life
its always tough to manage 2 things when the two are always coming in each others way, i just try to trust my own faith by letting all my personel people evalated in sence that who knows me would never get dishearted and who doesnt would never understand.
My achievement
The most valuable achievement of my life is that whatever i had been , i am a proud to my mother , she makes me feel like a king when i am close , she makes me believe that everything has to be evaluated in different norms and i am not a failure to her , i have been a support to my family , to my brother and most special i am taken as a vision thinker .
Current Trends
now times are gone when things came to you on there own, now its all about being ready to grab, more is the risk of failure higher are the chances of success
My advice
never stick to a job which does not have a next status, believe in growth and wherever you find saturation just make urself skillful and quit.
Challenges faced in job
insecurity and thoughts for future are not letting me have a sound sleep , i now know i have to make myself more skillful are aware because i cant now letgo anything out of my hands.
My important career decision
always quit something which whatever benifits it has but you arent able to enjoy that , dont select a job or anything by others choice always have right on self to choose what you like
My strongest Skill
Ability to understand things in short times,adjust easily and grow quickly to lead, belief in team work, want to grow.
My role model
i am inspired by every role modal but i dont like to be a blind follower of anyone, i love gandhi's patience , hitler's aggression , vivekanands calmness and preachings and a lot more cause everyone has some great skills.
Family Background
mine is a total lovely joint family,but in personnel we are 7 , Mom-Sunita Srivastava,Dad-Avadhesh Kumar Srivastava,Brothers- Ashutosh(Elder)and Abhishek(yonger) 2sisters-Jyoti(elder), nidhi(younger). i am in between of them 2 elders and 2 youngers.
Company and job profile
Myself Anurag Srivastava
Education -Mechanical Engineer
Age- 27 years
Work Experiance- Almost 5 years
work by choice- i like management and planning
Field of Interst - Project Management, Team Leading, production planning and controlling, operations analysis and improvements.
Hobbies- Future vision planning, reading books, playing cricket, surfing internet, travelling , Shopping , Adventure sports and much more.
Theory of life-its simple - never leave the basics , try to excel , celebrate and learn out of everything , try to be some support to all .
Special thought for life- want to travel around the world , Earn for need and Joy, Not for greed and Agony.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
Becoming an Enterprenuer and getting safe out of politics is the reason why we are lagging.
Books recommended
be motivated read anything and everything but accept only the best out of it, read fiction, non fiction and all
Being different
have a vision beyond just an employee
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Professor and Head
Kathir College of Engineering
Head HR
Shiksha Financial Services India Private Limited.
Project engineer
Wipro technologies
SEO Manager
Advertising 881984 Media professional
Starcom Worldwide