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Verification & Validation And Black Box vs Grey Box vs White Box

Bhargav  Mitra
Bhargav Mitra
Quality Analyst

Verification & Validation

These two terms are very confusing for people, who use them interchangeably. Let's discuss about them briefly.

1 Are you building it right? Are you building the right thing?
2 Ensure that the software system meets all the functionality. Ensure that functionalities meet the intended behavior.
3 Verification takes place first and includes the checking for documentation, code etc. Validation occurs after verification and mainly involves the checking of the overall product.
4 Done by developers. Done by Testers.
5 Have static activities as it includes the reviews, walkthroughs, and inspections to verify that software is correct or not. Have dynamic activities as it includes executing the software against the requirements.
6 It is an objective process and no subjective decision should be needed to verify the Software. It is a subjective process and involves subjective decisions on how well the Software works.

Black Box vs Grey Box vs White Box

S.N.Black Box TestingGrey Box TestingWhite Box Testing
1 The Internal Workings of an application are not required to be known Somewhat knowledge of the internal workings are known Tester has full knowledge of the Internal workings of the application
2 Also known as closed box testing, data driven testing and functional testing Another term for grey box testing is translucent testing as the tester has limited knowledge of the insides of the application Also known as clear box testing, structural testing or code based testing
3 Performed by end users and also by testers and developers Performed by end users and also by testers and developers Normally done by testers and developers
4 Testing is based on external expectations - Internal behavior of the application is unknown Testing is done on the basis of high level database diagrams and data flow diagrams Internal workings are fully known and the tester can design test data accordingly
5 This is the least time consuming and exhaustive Partly time consuming and exhaustive The most exhaustive and time consuming type of testing
6 Not suited to algorithm testing Not suited to algorithm testing Suited for algorithm testing
7 This can only be done by trial and error method Data domains and Internal boundaries can be tested, if known Data domains and Internal boundaries can be better tested


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