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HTML - Understanding & using HTML

Ifran  Khan
Ifran Khan
Flash Designer

HTML tags:

HTML markup tags are usually called HTML tags
HTML tags are keywords surrounded by angle brackets like <html>
HTML tags normally come in pairs like and

Starting commands are enclosed within less-than and greater-than signs . Ending commands are enclosed with less-than and greater-than signs with a / directly following the less-than sign . A sample tag to bold face some text would look like this:

Input:  My bold text
Output: My bold text

Didn’t understand?
Ok when you write an HTML tag, you should use less than and greater than symbol like this <> Inside that you have to write the command.
For example if you want to make a text bold b is the command we use in HTML so we will put b inside the angle brackets like this then we will write the text which has to be in bold. To close the command we will use / directly following the less-than sign

Why we close the tag?
If we leave the tag open it will work for the entire page. So if you open a bold tag and if you wont close it. Your entire page will be bold.

Click here to see a page, which has the tag, closed & not closed properly

Now you go through the above example you will understand it.
Still you didn’t understand? Don’t worry about it you will learn it gradually once you go into the next chapters
Every HTML document should contain these four elements.

The HTML tags tell the computer that the document is an HTML document. HTML documents should begin with and end with .

HEAD tags are for the header of the document. The head typically contains the title of the document.


TITLE tags tell the browser displaying the document that this is the title of the document.

Title will show on top of the browser
Eg: Open
You can see “SiliconIndia: India's Largest Professional Network” on top of the browser. Yes that’s the title am talking about.

The BODY tags enclose the main part of the document. Any text, links, pictures, etc., should be enclosed within the body tags

What ever displays in your web page will be in the body part.

This is how we have to write it:

       <br />       Title of document goes here<br />      

Body of document (this is what shows up on the page)

These tags all have starting and ending commands. The alignment on the left side is not necessary. (It is just entered that way here to help identify the corresponding commands.)
Now I suggest you to open a notepad then copy & paste this

       <br />        Title of document goes here<br />       

Body of document (this is what shows up on the page)

Save As
Location: Desktop > Create a new folder called my_webpage and save inside that folder

Now go to your desktop and click on the my_webpage folder, you will find a file by name page1.html
Click on that.

You didn’t get it? It didn’t open in your browser?
Check the extension, which you have saved make sure that is not .txt format
Note: .html is the file extension while saving, it’s very important

So now you know how you have to use notepad to write and edit HTML. Check out the video for better understanding

Lets move on, move on to some interesting stuffs.

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