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Wildcard Mask in ACL

Dear Sir/Colleagues,
I did my ACL assignment, but really got confused with all the questions with wildcard mask? Can you please clarify in which chapter it is covered the Wildcard mask?
And in the below question, please explain how the correct answer is
Thanks in advance

You need to create an access list that will prevent hosts in the network range of to Which of the following lists will you use?

access-list 10 deny
access-list 10 deny
access-list 10 deny
access-list 10 deny

students Answer: access-list 10 deny

Correct answer: access-list 10 deny
Asked by Anil Pappachan | Aug 1, 2014 |  Reply now
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Hi the range of to is a block size of 32. The network address is and the mask would be, which for an access list must be a wildcard format of The 31 is used for a block size of 32. The wildcard is always one less than the block size.

Aug 26, 2014