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what is broadcast domain

What is broadcast and collision domain? Please differentiate both with example.
Asked by yogesh Singhal | May 24, 2010 |  Reply now
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Domain is nothing but a group. Broadcast domain is a group in which you can able to send the data/info to all the devices in that group simultaneously. Example lets have 4 hosts A,B,C and D are connected to hub, and single device lets say B can send the data to the rest of the devices i.e A,C and D simultaneously. Then all these 4 devices are said to be in single broadcast domain.

Collision domain, is a group in which any two devices in that group try to transmit simultaneously , results in collision , then those devices are said to be in single collision domain. If they don't collide and can transmit simultaneously, then they are said to be in different collision domains. The devices connected to the hub are said to be in single collision domain as any of the two devices that are connected to hub try to transmit simultaneously, there will be a collision. Where as the devices connected to switch will be in different collision domains as there will not be any collision even though they try to transmit the data simultaneously.
May 26, 2010