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significance of @ sign in SAS informats.


Please clarify me regarding the need of @ sign and number provided in the tutorial for SAS informats.

filename transact 'D:TUTORIALSTRANS1.DAT';
data transact;
infile transact;
input @1 id $6.
@10 tran_date mmddyy10.
@25 amount comma10.2
proc print data=transact;

Asked by Vidhyasree R | Dec 29, 2013 |  Reply now
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Here We are more specifically mentioning SAS to go to the position 1 and read 6 characters then go to the position 10 and read 10 characters and then go to the 25th position and read 2 characters.

Hope it helps...
Feb 15, 2014
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@n option tell sas read data from nth column.
in this example (@1) id variable will read from 1st column ,(@10) tran_date variable read from 10th column and (@25)amount will be read from 25th column.
Dec 30, 2013