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hubs and switches

why the switches are known for it's intelligence over hubs
Asked by sumit kumar singh | Oct 20, 2013 |  Reply now
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switches works at the datalink layer of the OSI model and there learn the mac address of the attached pc and they maintain a table Called CAM ( content access Memory table ) this is done by a chip on the switch Called ASIC.
switches have 1 broadcast domain and each port on the switch is a collision domain ( ie a computer can send and recive the data at the same time )
switch is also called a multiport bridge because u can create multiple broadcast domain

Hub works at the physical layer of the OSI model, its job is to regenerate signals , it has 1 broadcast domain and 1 collsion domain ( ie only one computer can send or receive the message at any given point of time )
Jan 5, 2016
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Switches learn the location of the devices that they are connected to almost instantaneously. The net result is that most network traffic only goes where it needs to rather than to every port. On busy networks, this can make the network significantly faster.
Jan 18, 2014