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Correct answer

What would be the value of Title for proc means in the following program. data weight_club; input IdNumber 1-4 Name $ 6-24 Team $ StartWeight EndWeight; datalines; 1023 David Shaw red 189 165 1049 Amelia Serrano yellow 145 124 1219 Alan Nance red 210 192 1246 Ravi Sinha yellow 194 177 1078 Ashley McKnight red 127 118 ; run; title "Team Frequencies"; proc freq data=weight_club; tables team; run;

Even though i had selected the answer as Team Frequencies, the system mentioned it has wrong and said the correct answer was Summary Statistics. How is it possible?
Asked by Sunil N | Sep 4, 2013 |  Reply now
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Hi Sunil,

Answer will be Team Frequencies only for the title.
Sep 10, 2013