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What is Packet Switched?

Explain What is Packet Switched, Cell Switched and Circuit Switched Technology?
Asked by roopa kumari | Apr 23, 2010 |  Reply now
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Aug 27, 2010
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When the packet is moved from one device to another device on a single network is known as packet switching.

Circuit switching is provide a dedicated path between sender and receiver. But packet switching is provide different-2 path between sender and receiver, according to resources available.

Circuit Switching: In this type of switching the data which is being transmitted follow the path a particular dedicated path which is set during connection establishment. Once the connection is set all the data followes that same path. The disadvantage of circuit switching is that data tranfer rate becomes constant.

Packet Switching: In this type there is no path is defined so the data which is being tranmitted is firstly divided into chunks and these chunks transmitted through different networks and assembled at destination end according to sequence number.
Apr 23, 2010