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Welcome to the 3rd Edition of siliconindia’s Top 100 MBA Colleges, 2012. In its third edition of siliconindia “What if not IIMs” B-Schools Survey 2012 we intend to evaluate best non-IIMs Business Schools in India. This survey is unlike other surveys which keep re-claiming IIMs as the top rated business schools.

This survey is going to be unique in its own ways where our primary objective is to assist Lakhs of MBA aspirants in making an opinion about which are the best B-Schools they can join if they are not able to get admission in IIMs.

This survey report will also create the most exhaustive blueprint of what India thinks about its Business Schools, which will help recruiters to identify colleges for their campus placement program. Last not least we intend to foster a healthy Primary objective of doing this survey Over 2.05 Lakh aspirants wrote CAT in 2011 and less than 2000 made it in IIMs. So this survey is done to assist rest of candidates and their parents to make an opinion about, which are the best colleges to do a management course other than IIMs. Competition among the colleges to attract the best talent

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