New Findings Can Revolutionise Computer Technology: Physicist

By SOA University   |   Wednesday, 11 February, 2015

Bhubaneswar : Researchers have been looking for new findings on materials which can revolutionise computer technology in the future, internationally known physicist, Prof. S.D.Mahanti said at the SOA University on Saturday.

“They are on the lookout for more rare materials which can revolutionise technology”, he said while delivering a talk at the Institute of Technical Education and Research (ITER), the university’s faculty of engineering.

Prof. Mahanti, who taught and did research at the Michigan State University, USA and is renowned for his fundamental contribution in many areas of condensed matter physics, explained in great detail the origin of ferromagnetism in such rare materials.
The talk was organized by the Centre of Excellence for Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences (CETMS), run by the University. Presided over by Prof. M.K.Parida, Director of CETMS, the event was attended by teachers, students and researchers.

Prof. Mahanti  said nature abounded in iron, cobalt and nickel, the so called ferromagnetic metals having the property to acquire strong magnetic fields. Traditionally they were called “load stones” which also conduct electricity.

Modern science and technology, particularly electronics at the nano-scale, is in search of what are known as “ferromagnetic insulators or semiconductors” which are very rare in nature, he said adding these materials had a special role in developing advanced computers based upon “spinotronics”, a branch of modern electronics that exploited quantum states of electron spin.
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