How do premium private universities achieve near complete placements?

By Galgotias University   |   Wednesday, 11 February, 2015
Some of the top universities such as Manipal University, SRM Chennai, Galgotias University Noida, Symbiosis University have high level of industry integration and standard quality education practices in India.

Make In India iprivate universities achieve near complete placementss the new mantra in industry and educators across the country are finally working on making the education experience more productive in terms of graduating students who hit the ground contributing to society. It is only natural that those universities and institutions who had made employability the cornerstone of their existence from the beginning, have the upper hand. Centres of learning with long legacies of dispensing syllai in age-old ways have long found themselves losing out in the placements and academic recognition races to cutting-edge new universities that have entered the sector with a more advanced global education vision. What is it that premium private universities are doing that is so right?

We have already seen Indias embarrassing show in 2009 at Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) where we ranked second last among the 73 countries. PISA is a global evaluation process by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) secretariat that gauges where schoolchildren stand alongside their peers from other countries. This academic Olympics measures the performance of 15 year olds in reading, math and science.

India participated in this programme for the first and the last time in 2009. The country stayed away from the evaluation round in 2012. And now it has completely backed out of the Programme for International Student Assessment slated for 2015. This time around, sources said India shied away from the assessment as government officials felt our children were not prepared for such a test. This shows the picture of quality of education at primary level in India.
Though government promises to provide eight years of quality elementary education for all children up to the age of 14 years - the question remains - Where is the quality?

Scanning the results of The Times Of India-Nielsen B-School Survey 2014 shows that almost 70% of the top Indian B-schools are private education institutions and universities. Premium private universities such as Manipal, SRM University, Symbiosis University Pune, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, MAIT and Nirma University consistently win greater awards and recognition in leading media surveys. For two years running, the DataQuest Cybermedia ICT Awards have been awarded to Galgotias University who won it fair and square for excellence in Academics, Global Linkages and Placements. In fact, Galgotias University was the only education institution awarded in a trophy space reserved for corporate giants in the ICT space. Galgotias University was also ranked as the No.1 Private University for Engineering Education in Northern India by the DataQuest Top T-Schools Survey 2014. Galgotias University is also top-ranked among Indias top 20 engineering institutions - ahead of several leading NITs. The intrinsic excellence of the education processes at these premium private universities sets them far ahead of other not-so-focussed institutions.


Indias premium private universities focus on societys need for quality manpower and concentrate on equipping their graduates to be completely job-ready across the entire education span. Industry integration is seen as a process where industry input is taken from syllabus development and pedagogy design to interaction through seminars, expert lectures, workshops and internships to the inevitable final placement. There is a emphasis on learning to learn in a multi and cross disciplinary manner. Knowledge and curricula evolve extremely fast and industry enables these universities to keep uptodate.

Premium private universities are well aware of the new global environment and respond rapidly with optimal academic initiatives and infrastructure. Excellent learning processes empower students with the highest learning levels and equip them with a global outlook and mindset. Students learn to learn for life as a result of which industry is eager to absorb them even before completion of their studies.


Symbiosis University Pune, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, SRM University, MAIT, and other premium private universities and institutes partner with leading corporates and MNCs to engineer quality education processes and infrastructure. Galgotias University has excellent strategic alliances with blue-chip industry partners to create facilities that challenge the worlds best universities -Max Hospitals for the School of Nursing and Healthcare, IBM and KPMG for the School of Business and the School of Computer Science Engineering etc. In fact, in response to the huge market demand for relevant manpower, Galgotias University launched five new trail-blazing B.Tech programs in Computer Science Engineering, in collaboration with IBM which has been the natural industry partner of choice, given its dominant global position in each of these domains. The 4-year programs are offered in Cloud Computing & Virtualisation, Open Source Software & Open Standards, Business Analytics, Telecom Informatics and Mainframe Technology. Galgotias University pioneered these innovative programs as all five domains have been experiencing huge growth across the globe.

Says Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotias University, "Working closely with industry, we ensure that our students internalise thinking processes and universal analytical skills, leading to a high level of knowledge creation. We work to ensure that deserving students achieve the highest skillsets to equip them to assume leadership roles in society and industry."


Academic rigour and processes at private universities of repute is enhanced as a process, through collaboration and interaction with topdrawer foreign universities. Symbiosis uses its tie-ups with the Berlin School of Economics, Central Michigan University, USA, NTU Singapore among many others to accomplish this. SRM partners with MIT, Carnegie Mellon, University of Wisconsin, UC Davis, UC Berkley, North Eastern University, SUNY Buffalo and University of Arkansas. Galgotias University collaborates deeply with several of the worlds top universities. The university drives its joint research programs, development of cutting-edge syllabi, faculty and student exchange and access to advanced international pedagogies collaborations with Purdue University, Northern Illinois University, Smith Business School at the University of Maryland and University of Arkansas in the USA; and tie-ups with Goethe University, Germany and Anglia Ruskin University, UK in Europe. Faculty, students and researchers benefit greatly through opportunities for international collaboration and active involvement in multi-disciplinary projects at a global level.


Premium private universities see their world-class faculties as excellence drivers. Academic weight, deep knowledge of pedagogies and education processes. At Galgotias University the world-class faculty is handpicked carefully from among the finest academicians across USA, Europe and Asia - and India.The first step towards improving the quality of education should be - improve the quality of teachers. Realising this, the education ministry recently restructured its teacher training system, doubling its duration and mandating a six-month internship as part of it.

The picture of quality in higher education is not very different from primary education. Apart from IITs and other top universities, there are very few institutions in India that deserve to be reasonably placed in the international university rankings.


The education experience at premium private universities is deepened through pedagogies such as the flexible credit system, industry tie-ups, guided syllabus and integration; classroom-based learning, project-based learning and research-based learning; outcomes-based learning and guest lectures by noteworthy corporate speakers from India & abroad for broader spectrum learning. Symbiosis University, Pune, SRM University, Galgotias University, DICT, Nirma University etc, have long implemented the latest tried and proven pedagogies in use at the worlds finest universities.


In spite of higher annual cut-offs, admissions are rising at premium private universities such as Symbiosis University Pune, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, SRM Chennai, DhirubhaiAmbani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Nirma University and Manipal University. Galgotias University has launched its own new all-India exam - the GEEE 2014 as the entry point for all its engineering programs. "We seek the finest, dedicated student body to round out our global quality education ecosystem," explains Suneel Galgotia.


When leading corporates have been co-creators and co-executants of a complete education process with education partners who aim for global excellence, it is unsurprising that such institutions enjoy near-complete placement. Sum up Suneel Galgotia, "When you can work to create education that is as broad and deep as the best in the world, why create anything less? "

Owing to its highly qualified faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality teaching and learning procedures, institutions such as Galgotias University are emerging as the preferred institute for students opting for quality higher studies. The varsity has produced professionals of national and international acclaim and has been recognized as among the top ranking institutions across the world.

"We have been consistent with the quality of teaching learning practices for more than a decade and this is now reflecting in our students who have joined and are working with some of the top corporations of India and are commanding high salary packages from the industry " says Dhruv Galgotias, CEO of Galgotias Varsity Noida.

Hope with the continuous effort from government and private sector, the year 2015 will show some improvement in quality of education and streamline several key segments of the sector.
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