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The Athene Group Transforming the Wealth Management Industry through Cloud-Based Solutions
SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
In an increasingly technology-embracing world, organizations as well as customers are choosing different ways of dealing with each other, be it business operations or choosing a product. Technology has paved the way for emergence and in turn, dominance of crucial and potential technologies such as Cloud, Social Media and Mobile. These impactful technologies perform best when brought together, and enterprises in different domains strive to effectively combine them. One company has met with exceptional success while attempting to put these technologies together, and leverage them in a perfect manner, for the benefit of organizations. The reference is towards The Athene Group, a provider of cloud-based CRM product implementation services and a Books & Records product for the Wealth Management industry. Athene, over the years, has managed to impress the Wealth Management space in unique ways. Athene's strategy towards the Wealth Management industry is all about offering a solution that provides a wide spectrum of features and services to improve overall operational efficiency.
In an industry, where several large and small organizations offer similar products and services, Athene, under the guidance of Sanjeev Kumar, President and CEO, differentiates itself by providing reasonably priced solutions that support most of the day to day functions of a typical wealth management firm. Athene's product, Skience, includes features to support Operations, Compliance, Customer Relationship Management, Account Opening Processes, General Workflows, AUM Reporting and integrations with industry-leading third party products. Skience also brings Client and Assets data from over 200 different firms to ensure that its users can view and manage their complete book of business.
While the Financial Services industry remains the primary area of focus for Athene, it also serves several other industries including Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Health Care, etc. Athene is a partner of salesforce.com, offering expert implementation services related to Salesforce products.
In the words of Sanjeev, "Athene's product and services are geared towards improving the overall efficiency of a typical Wealth Management firm. In addition to streamlining the Account Opening processes to significantly reduce the time taken by the process, Skience brings together the necessary information from multiple custodians, clearing firms, transfer agencies and other sources. And Skience shares this information with the necessary third party applications as well, assisting the firm in proactively analyzing and managing its book of business".

Skience has been developed by Athene, based on the industry best practices. By helping Broker Dealers and Registered Investment Advisors bring together their AUM information from multiple sources into a single, structured system, Skience enables its clients to define and measure their business growth. Additionally, Skience includes appropriate business rules and validations to assist its clients to stay in compliance of FINRA and SEC regulations.

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