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Pay Range Procuring Agile Mobile Payment
SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
The secret sauce in making of an entrepreneur includes perseverance, patience, and consistent affection for an industry and its customers. So has been the founding story of PayRange, which started with a team of three people, who went ahead to build a product that has the capability to captivate market within 6 months of its launch. The idea was simple remove the painful experience that users faced while using the paying machines such as vending, Laundromats, parking meters, and bus ticket machines. Crumpled bills, incorrect change, jams, and card read errors'all apart of the bigger problem, sometimes ended up in loss of sale for the machine operators. Created to break these payment barriers, today, PayRange is the world's simplest mobile payment solution for vending,parking, transit ticketing,laundry, and amusement. "We are committed to offer simple setup, simple operation, and simplepricing," says Paresh K. Patel, Founder and CEO, PayRange.
Having more than two decades of experience in the vending industry, PayRange's founder has the skill set to empathize in almost every position on the customer side. This experience has proven to be invaluable for the company, in terms of creating and designing the product that meets the needs of the customers and users alike. PayRange's mobile payment solution for machines comprises two key parts a mobile app that runs on Android or iOS and the PayRange BluKey dongle. The dongle can be installed into the vending machines in a minute, and allows mobile phones to connect to the machine and send payment without the need for any network connection on the machine.
The company has manifested various features in its product offerings such as Simple setup that helps even a route driver to install it without any tools in just 30 seconds, while on their normal route to fill machines. Simple configuration makes the configuration requirements to nearly zero inmost machines. Meanwhile, Simple pricing includes no monthly fees, and offers low cashless processing. Another offering called the Simple hardware is a low cost device that just requires a plug in to work virtually with any vending machine made in the last 15 years. Upon plug-in, the dongle enables simple steps for the users to download the app, register their card, and swipe to pay the amount within just 60 seconds.
PayRange envisions eliminating the payment barrier in the transactions, and make the payment disappear or become transparent from the physical commerce. "We started in this space with automated retailing because we believe that the mobile payment tractions will happen first in the markets where they will displace the cash, since they solve a real pain point, as opposed to simply improving convenience. Machine payments, on the other hand are still 95 percent cash-based and thus ripe for change. Our initial focus is in the vending machine industry. We will go into the amusement and laundry verticals next," discloses Patel.
In the words of Patel, the company's culture is about raw passion, eternal optimism, and a relentless drive to change the world, inspite of the obstacles."We are achieving our vision by developing an innovative product and then aligning ourselves with the investors and advisors who can help support the vision on this mission for our road ahead," he concludes.

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