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tCognition A Tale of Relentless Pursuit for Excellence
SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Today's organizations are constantly on an innovation continuum, and to meet the challenges of time and quality, they are persistent in the process of finding and retaining their talent pool. The key for a vendor to thrive in such a situation is delivering value high quality, sustainable, cost-effective products, or services backed up by flawless process improvement principles. In contrast to the traditional emphasis on revolutionary, innovative change on an occasional basis, tCognition, from Boston, MA, advocates the Kaizen approach for uninterrupted, ongoing incremental change. The firm headed by Manoj Shinde, CEO and President offers product and services that are aimed at reducing the cycle time in hiring and managing talent. The firm offers IT Consulting, Recruitment and Staffing services amongst others. "Our own proprietary recruitment software XSeed incorporates exciting new features like video-based resume screening and is in its final prelaunch testing phase. It will be released soon to potential markets. XSeed is an online robotic assistant that tracks, evaluates, and manages applicants in a distinct way," mentions Shinde.

The Fortitude of tCognition
The greatest strength of tCognition's approach lies in its ability to translate qualitative, executive goals into quantitative, achievable actions. It has proven its usefulness in the implementation of concepts like Total Quality Management (TQM) and helped the firm become a valued SAP Business Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner. "With state-of-the-art facilities across the US and India to cater to managed service needs of our esteemed clientele, backed by our robust recruiting engine, tCognition is an undisputed choice for offshore IT development," says Shinde. Since inception, the firm has strived hard to achieve excellence in every aspect of business, be it quality of service, top-notch delivery, technology prowess, business value, customer experience, or employee satisfaction. For its efforts, the firm has been rewarded with a 70 percent rate of returning clients. On a financial standpoint, revenue's through repeated business from existing clients contributes 65 percent Y-O-Y to its annual revenues. The hallmark of tCognition's delivery lies in its unique engagement model, Captive Offshore Team (COT). This is a highly effective model of engagement where clients enjoy the benefits of both the "Time and Material" and "Fixed Price" models of engagement.
The crux of this engagement model is building excellent teams as per client's requirement at the firm's global delivery center at Kolhapur, India. "In a competitive industry like IT Services, Human capital undisputedly is the most important asset any IT services provider flourishes on. This is possible only with high retention of talent and the loyalty of employees which tCognition possesses," adds Shinde.

The Future of tCognition
Few of its current major clients include SiriusXM, Agero, Worcester Police Department, and the Massachusetts Dept. of Transport. "In the Staffing Services sector we have a strong foothold in the Financial Services and Healthcare verticals. Our major clientele include Bloomberg LP, Credit Suisse, Paychoice, Merck, West-WardPharma, and Deloitte amongst others," states Shinde. When it comes to IT consulting and offshore development for the near future, the firm is relying on the automotive vertical. The firm also plans to expand its current portfolio in emerging technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, and Social technologies.

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