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Vobok Broadcasting One's Brand Voice
SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
"In the future anyone can be world-famous in 15 minutes," said Andy Warhol, a renowned artist. With Vobok, a new social media platform that lets users record and publish 30-second sound bites, what Warhol once envisioned has just become a reality. Vobok lets users share their passion, feelings and emotions in their own voice and let their family, friends or admirers hear what they have to say from anywhere, anytime. "With Vobok, you can find, follow and share your life with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, personal contacts or admirers, both near and far," says Priyam Parikh, Founder and CEO, Vobok.

Social Media has changed the way elections are fought and we have seen that recently in India one of the largest democracies in the world. Even the presidential elections in United States heavily used Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter. Parikh feels that social media is all about getting one's personal message out to the world with Emotions; With Vobok candidates will be able to connect more emotionally with its people. Social Media teams drive these communications using Facebook and Twitter. But with Vobok it is much more personal as voice cannot be replicated by Social Media Teams. This will help Political Candidates to connect with People directly with emotions. Parikh vision is for the Political Parties such as Republicans and Democrats to use this platform in the coming 2016 elections. Dr.Shashi Tharoor, a well known politician from India has already appreciated link Vobok for its revolutionary features. For both public figures and next-door neighbors to talk about the hottest issues, Vobok offers one of the best possible outlet. "Instead of Barack Obama sending out a 140-character tweet, he can actually record 30 seconds of his voice," says Parikh. "His followers would connect much more emotionally," he adds. "Voice is one of the most powerful and basic forms of communication, and we are excited to be the first to bring this capability to brands and personalities without making them sacrifice the brevity and interactivity that makes social media special," explains Parikh.

"We have the people and technology that will change the way information is consumed on mobile devices. And we have also created a provisional patent for Voice Ranking, Voice Searching and Voice Tagging capabilities," notes Parikh. "Now you can search voices similar to videos in YouTube," he adds. Using the company's own proprietary algorithm, Vobok has given life to the concept of ’Connected World,’ and promotes language agonistics, which is specifically useful for non-English speakers such as French, Germans, Russians, Koreans, Arabs and many more. "I believe in the connection with someone's actual voice," said Jerry Rice, an ex-NFL player. "Vobok is pretty much, verbal, where I can engage with my fans through live messages," he adds in his signature drawl.

The company is aggressively targeting people within the age of 15 to 45 years, who are the most active segment in social media. The company’s business model is similar to platforms like Twitter wherein Vobok aims to monetize the commercial content created by brands, media companies and enterprises. Vobok’s next frontier will be vehicle dashboard and futuristic platforms for transcribing. "Vobok is the only platform that removes the language barrier in social broadcasting and consumption; anyone will be able to communicate in any language seamlessly!" says, Roshan Mehta, Founder and in charge of Strategy at Vobok.

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