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ICONSOFT, Inc, Embracing Change whilst Staying True to Its Roots
SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Anyone who manages IT systems knows a technology change can have a domino effect across an entire organization. Today, there are several IT changes on the horizon which, within the next two years, could hit IT organizations very much like a line of falling dominoes. Organizations cannot ignore the new forces: Big Data, Cloud, Mobile and Social. Each trend could have a substantial impact of its own, and it could affect the next domino in line. IT managers and business process planners will need to keep these cascading changes in mind as they make their long-range IT plans. ICONSOFT headed by Ravi Meruva, President, has understood this and is using it as a positive to transform itself from an IT consulting services company to a solutions provider.

Founded in year 1998, the information systems firm was primarily initiated with the intention to provide mainframe and client server computing services. It offers programming services in the design, implementation, customization and development of state-of-the-art software in the field of information and database management systems to suit the needs of different business clients. "We create value to our clients by leveraging our industry knowledge, experience, industry-specific best practices, knowledge of current and emerging technologies,"says Surya Yadavalli, Director of Technology at ICONSOFT.

Survival of the Fittest
The firm has been investing in Cloud and Mobile technologies and has also been recruiting the best in these technologies to work for them. They are also providing the finest training to its employees so that they can serve their clients in various industries such as healthcare, financial and the government sector from across the country. Operating in more than 25 states within the US serving several direct clients like Dow Jones, USDA, Belkins, Tufts Health Plan, Scholastics, Parker Hannifin, Trulia, it has successfully delivered multimillion dollar projects for several clients during its tenure.
Although they are embracing these changes as any industry leader would, they are still remaining true to their entrepreneurial roots. ICONSOFT's culture is proactive and results-oriented but remains a small, friendly and caring group of professionals dedicated to its client's success. "We are no longer in a "start-up" mode and still embrace change and the benefits of continuous process improvement. Our successful approach is timeless and has enabled us to continue to grow and invest in the expansion of our service offerings," says Yadavalli.

Slow and Steady wins the Race
One of the core principles and fundamentals that ICONSOFT was built upon was organic and sustainable growth, staying away from irrational exuberance of rapid expansion and eventual fall. Steadiness and stability as its core principles, ICONSOFT has positioned itself as one of the most promising firms in the U.S. Its revenue growth as well as the employee base has been steadily increasing every year since its inception and even during the recession period the firm has continued to grow in every aspect of the business.
Moving forward, ICONSOFT plans to continue to leverage its experience by working to partner closely with its clients regarding key issues relating to the effective systematic use of staff and project augmentation services. It will continue to strive to be part of the clients' team; more like an internal technical resource manager, and less like another vendor.

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