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Moxtra Revolutionizing Mobile Collaboration
SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Subrah Iyar is a man who needs no introduction. After co-founding WebEx, serving as its CEO, and eventually selling it to Cisco for $3.2 billion, Iyar is back to doing what he does best-collaboration, but in a whole new level this time. His latest venture, Moxtra, brings real-time collaboration to the mobile platform. "WebEx was about collaboration over the web, whereas, Moxtra primarily takes a more mobile centric perspective," states Iyar, co-founder and CEO, Moxtra. The world of mobile is changing the way people work. "It's about immediacy, SaaS, and ad hoc teams working together and that is what Moxtra is really all about," adds Iyar. Moxtra enables mobile collaborations, allowing people to work more easily and effectively without hassles.
On the surface, Moxtra might appear to be not very different from various other mobile collaboration applications that tend to have limited and narrow functionality. To the contrary, Moxtra is radically unique in what it offers. "We are a very rich and comprehensive mobile collaboration solution," remarks Iyar. Moxtra is the only solution to fully provide the capabilities and support today's mobile lifestyle by enabling users to be productive while they are on the go. "Engage with your team in real time, no matter where they are or what device they are using," states Iyar. Despite being "mobile first," Moxtra is not mobile only. It works as elegantly on desktops as it does on mobile devices.
Building upon the idea of binders, Iyar came up with the concept of e-binders, which allows for seamless team collaborations. "Create a Binder for each topic you want to collaborate on with others, and use chat, visual content, to-do's, and real time meetings to get things done," explains Iyar. Be it a group of students working on a project, or a tutor providing personalized attention to a student, or a sales team working on a customer project, the easy to use and functionally rich Moxtra app can make collaborations more productive. Furthermore, since Moxtra is a platform, not only can it be used as an application, its capabilities can also be embedded into other applications by utilizing their freely available SDK and API. This highlights the comprehensiveness of Moxtra.
Ranging from student groups and universities to large businesses and healthcare institutions, there are over a million downloads of Moxtra happening till date. Totvs'a Brazil-based business management software provider for instance, is using the services of Moxtra to enhance its enterprise resource planning solutions with mobile collaboration. Another company, Showpad, which builds iPad based sales and marketing applications, is leveraging Moxtra's technology to add real time team communication into their service. The company has an extensive global reach with Moxtra's services available in the app store in 18 languages.
Looking to the future, Iyar anticipates Moxtra's growth to be around integrating their platform's capabilities with third-party technologies to extend the functionality of existing web applications. Not many companies can afford to develop in-house mobile collaboration technologies, and-"enhancing our integration capabilities will allow them to effortlessly embed Moxtra into their technology and also maintain it at the state-of-the-art level and deliver a fantastic user experience," says Iyar. Essentially, it is about connecting and integrating into Moxtra and into thousands of applications.

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