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November - 2014 - issue > CXO View Point
Conventioning Customer 's Demand is our Goal
Sumedh Thakar
Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Presently, the industry is witnessing various challenges in the areas of security. In keeping with this, if we want to bring a new product, we need to focus on security related aspects. Therefore, when we are releasing a new product in the software development environment, we have some kind of silos in different groups. In order to build a valuable product, we need to hire efficient engineers. Secondly, there should be very good communication between several operation groups. Moreover, customer service is another important aspect of product experience.
Another crucial challenge is to build an enterprise product in agile process which puts us in rhythm and helps in doing job in a regular approach and more rapidly. Therefore, it is a very challenging landscape from the product development perspective.

Meeting Customer's Demands
Need to solidify the overall idea because of agile environment. Furthermore, we launch our product after every six months, so we take customer feedback and try to meet the customer expectations. In case of customer appreciation, we try to improve the product much better and also try to innovate in several ways. However, we always try to meet the customer's demands and solve their issues. It is an added advantage for us because we don't have to build different solution for small business or enterprise business because both lies in the same platform.

Driving Innovation
At the end of the day it is about finding the right people and the right leader groups who shall share the same philosophy-openness to any need. This is important because it will help us to know the right aspects at the right point of time. Whenever we have any new release, I examine that release features in order to ensure the overall intentions across all aspects. It is also important to have quality engineers who could develop this in the platform. It is noteworthy to ensure decisions are made correctly with operations, before they start the coding process. Another remarkable aspect is when we design something innovative; we make sure that we trained the customer service organization.
Innovation plays a significant role in our industry. It helps to solve a problem over the challenge. In other words, it helps in building or simplifies the product successfully. To make this happen, we need to interact closely with the customers from every aspect. Henceforth, our efficient engineers are helping us to meet the customer's requirement by calling the customers and that's how we come up with innovative ideas. (As told to Anushree)

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