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GoVivace Opening Up the Ground for New Applications
si Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
As devices are becoming more portable, speech is increasingly becoming a common mode of device input. However most of the organizations do not have in-house capabilities to provide this input modality. GoVivace, headquartered at McLean, VA is filling this gap by addressing the needs of these organizations. GoVivace provides speech recognition, speaker identification, and natural language processing technology as a cloud based or on premise offering that easily integrates with smart phones, tablets and web applications. The speaker identification technology of the company is used not only in applications involving national security, but also for financial fraud prevention, and two factor biometric authentications.

The software and solutions conferred by GoVivace is used for speech to text, speaker identification, language or gender identification, and codifying clinical content. "Our professional services team provides grammar and feature customization to enable the technology to be deployed in a variety of vertical market applications," delineates Nagendra Goel, CEO at GoVivace. He further explains with an example, "If a customer needs to build an app in travel domain, then we would customize the vocabulary of the speech recognition engine to specifically support cities and airports and hotels and cruise lines." It is an enigma for many organizations to pull together such commendable speech and language processing capabilities, and GoVivace cost effectively fills that gap for organizations that do not have speech and language technology expertise.

GoVivace lowers that barrier to entry by offering easy access to these core technologies and all the necessary customizations. The company believes that by lowering this barrier they will enable new applications and uses of the technology by startup world and innovation in existing markets. On coming to the acting catalyst, speech recognition technology uses speech signal processing and machine learning to automatically and accurately transcribe speech to text. The system has been designed to handle noisy environments such as airports and handles colloquial speech well.
At present, GoVivace has biggest traction in speech to text and speaker identification spaces, while gender identifications and language identification type of applications are just beginning to evolve. Few of the biggest clients of the company are various mobile application developers, Medical transcription and electronic health records companies, broadcasting and telephony companies such as EnableDoc, DrishtiSoft, Voxomos, Cisco Systems, and GlobalEnglish.

The Imminent Years
GoVivace's combined speech and speaker identification is driving the new world of humaized user interfaces. Their web designed technology has allowed the company to make rapid deployments for mobile applications in diverse environments with very little customization. Speech technology speeds the capture of information and can be used to complete forms and gather information in a more conversational manner. Transforming conversations and dictations into meaningful, actionable, and analytical information is the goal. GoVivace plans to expand this technology to identify speaker emotions to discern how a person is feeling or expressing themselves. Overall, GoVivace intends to continue to focus on the core technology, while expanding to more verticals through strategic partnerships with service providers and manufacturers, and mobile application developers.

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