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Funding Your Start-up
Kanwal Rekhi
Founder& CEO-Inventus Capital
Monday, December 1, 2014
Software development is the trending space in the mobile and cloud verticals. Alongside this, security is another aspect, which is going through a powerful change. In recent times, technology has become very standardized and disturbing. As we are aware that everything is available on the cloud platform, therefore we do not propose funds on technology development. Instead, we capitalize on definite technology development and actual end user device. Moreover, larger venture capital firms developed technology, which is altogether a different aspect.

Manifesto for Start-up Entrepreneurs
An entrepreneur needs to be smart and on top of his visions. As markets are changing rapidly, entrepreneurs should not alter their area of interest with the altering trends. Moreover, an ideal entrepreneur should have a smart entrepreneurial business philosophy and leadership skills and insights for marketing methods. Additionally, entrepreneurs should understand that markets are constantly changing and there is competition in all sets of emerging products. In other words, they should be aware of markets and its dynamics. However, the main concern is, the entire business technology becomes obsolete, if an entrepreneur changes his concept with the changing trends in market.

Tackling the Challenges
Entrepreneurs faced many challenges both in India and in US. In terms of US, financial returns are more, so the variation has become fanciful. This has resulted in unrealistic expectations on part of the entrepreneurs. Therefore, at the start of the business, some entrepreneurs have their process done on high valuations. On the other hand, in India entrepreneurs are not aspiring for building large companies. Their focus is mainly on building small size companies. In other words, in India entrepreneurs do not build billion-dollar size companies. However, a company like Flipkart is following the trend but there are only a few of them. Indian companies build 50 crores to 100 crores in revenue. The lookout must be to build technologies that aim 1000 crore easily. For instance, Alibaba, Baidu and TanSent have emerged from China. Therefore, India is yet to witness such big companies in the future (As told to Shahina Islam).

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