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SenSen Networks Riding on Game Changing Big Data
SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Today the industries have reached to a position where they are surrounded with numerous new-age technologies and tools such as Video analytics, Big Data, and IoT, which can aid them in achieving renowned proficiency and efficiency. The drawback though, is that these verticals and organizations are clueless about the usage of these noble tools at their maximum potential. In addition, there are a number of processes within enterprises that can be automated with the clever use of these tools but leader's ineptness prohibits them to avail any of the advantages. Coming to the rescue of these industries and executives is Australia based SenSen Networks, a Big Data 'Fusion' solutions company thriving within the rapidly growing Internet of Things space, focusing on analyzing and fusing video and sensor data to deliver unprecedented operational efficiencies to corporations.

SenSen Networks provides the world's most accurate video and sensor analytic solutions extricating outputs from cameras and other sensors like the GPS, radar, and POS, in real time to deliver complete yield optimization, safety, security, and operational intelligence to customers. The company, with its innovative solutions and strapping commitment proffered to the clients, is embarked on an extraordinary venture to change the dynamics of Big Data Analytics market.

Game Changing Products
Since the foundation, SenSen has strived to build products around the elements of simplicity, agility, and all encircling proficiency. What resulted out of the sheer hard work are some of the eminent products of this generation. SenDIVA is the conferred platform by the company, which with its subsets is filling every deficit created by the resonating challenges. SenGAME is a configuration of SenDIVA that addresses the pain point of getting real time insight into the table games for yield optimization in a casino gaming environment. Configuration SenSAFE oversees critical infrastructure's safety requirements such as Airports and Iconic Bridges. SenFORCE is also another configuration of the SenDIVA platform that delivers Speed and Parking enforcement solutions targeted at reducing accidents on roads and improving parking experiences of citizens. Likewise, the company has SenVAS, SenCOUNT, SenSHOP countering various different vertical requirements of the markets. SenSen reaches its customers via market facing system integrators and business solutions providers who are embedding SenDIVA platform into their solutions to deliver novel and innovative solutions to improve the operational efficiencies of their customers.

SenDIVA is a platform that can be configured effortlessly to meet specific requirements of individual customers that vary from customer to customer. According to the Director and CEO of the company Subhash Challa, "SenSen is a tool that outperforms everyone. There is no other similar product that could successfully leverage big data analytics across multiple applications and customer requirement over a diverse set of market segments like airport security, Casinos, Law Enforcement for cities, shopping centers, Parking guidance solutions for universities and personnel safety in materials handling market." Currently SenSen is serving in the geographies of Australia, India, Singapore,UAE and recently entered the US and European markets.

Getting Ready for the Future
SenSen is looking forward to make SenDIVA as a mainstream enterprise software platform for the Sensor and Video signals and data, akin to the platforms such as SAP and Oracle in the traditional information domain.

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