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November - 2014 - issue > CXO View Point
Leveraging Data for Storage Solutions and Innovation
Nilesh Patel
Vice President-Overland Storage
Tuesday, December 2, 2014
The software defined IT is the latest trend driving transformation in technology. In terms of how business in future would deliver applications, data and services to their internal and external customers. In addition, there are four major technological trends in regard to Software-Defined IT that can assist in delivering efficiency, agility and scalability in technology. These trends include Cloud-ready IT, Mobile-ready IT, Scalable IT and Distributed IT.
A cloud-ready IT infrastructure is a key trend that can transform static and traditional enterprise IT infrastructure to be more agile and service-oriented. In addition, this IT enabled businesses to convert their CAPEX to OPEX, thus driving significant financial advantage. On the other hand, in terms of Mobile-ready IT, today's mobile employees require on-the-go flexibility in order to be productive. They are functioning 24/7 on a number of mobile devices, in various locations around the globe. Thus, corporate IT needs to be responsive to these dynamic forces, and securely deliver the applications and data required by mobile personnel in any place, any time and on any device or platform.
In the sphere of Scalable IT, today's corporate command efficiency and agility from their IT infrastructure to meet the prospective growth requirement. This is driving the requisite for small, scalable building block solutions, which are purpose-built and optimized for specific use-case needs that can be added or re-provisioned as required. Alternatively, Distributed IT is leveraging on the availability of a variety of skills and resources that are dispersed anywhere in the world and could be a competitive advantage for businesses. Therefore, capitalizing on accessibility and availability of these global resources has become a key requirement for IT departments.

Provisioning the Need of IT
Over a decade ago, server virtualization was a transformative trend. It was mainly intended for driving efficiency by increasing utilization of application servers, and was an uncomplicated technique to support multiple workloads in a single server. However, virtualization technology has developed over the years, and it has acquired many levels of complexities. Accordingly, conventional virtualization solutions are promoted further in the new era of mobility and cloud. In this new technological era, the IT buyers demanded decentralization of infrastructure and small, scalable building blocks that are inherently secured. They wanted apps, data and desktops to be protected, managed and delivered anywhere, in any place and on any device, without any restrictions and devoid of an inflated infrastructure.

Key Issues Facing By Global Business Leaders
From a CXO's perspective, the vital issues encountered by today's business leaders, mainly centers on building agility and to be responsive to the altering needs of business. It is also vital to leverage and optimize resource productivity within the organization or wherever the resources are located, including working with our partners as one team.

Technological Advances
The conventional method to perceive technology is to have the best-of-breed technology; however, the focus is to deliver best-of-breed customer value by focusing on a complete end-to-end solution as opposed to only part of the solution. For instance, Overland Storage, along with Sphere3D, brings breakthrough containerized software technology that is delivered via purpose-built, drop-in-ready hyper-converged appliances for desktops and apps supplied on private, public and hybrid clouds. Moreover, incorporated with a scalable, software-defined storage infrastructure, customers could build an end-to-end solution from apps and desktops that are securely delivered to any place and on any device to data storage solutions, which are inherently protected and scalable to meet the most stringent of IT requirements. Accordingly, our capability to deliver this apps and virtualization technology makes our solution cloud-ready, mobile-ready, highly-scalable and deployable anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Keeping up with Technological Challenges
In this competitive world, it is critical to stay updated with technology and other transformative trends that shape tomorrow's businesses and customer needs. With respect to this, maintaining simplicity of products and solutions, overall customer experience, as well as simplicity of engagement within the company, its partners and external customers, is a constant challenge. Moreover, it is a matter of survival for innovation-led businesses like ours to be able to consistently convert technology innovations into realizable value and benefits to customers ahead of the competition. Another challenge as a CXO is being able to consistently deliver the best value to customers is not only a challenge, but a key motivation for us.
To overcome these challenges posed by the industry, we always keep the customer value proposition in mind, focus on simplicity, and drive that value into everything from solution definition to customer adoption of solutions. Another significant aspect is leveraging and functioning with the partner ecosystem, including channel partners as well as the technology and solution partners. (As told to Shahina Islam)

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