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Soffront CRM Eliminate Multiple Systems. Increase User Adoption
SI Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Increase User Adoption CRM adoption is enunciated as a dominant challenge by numerous companies across the world. The CRM services conferred by vendors, fall short in satisfying the customer's needs as none of them focus on delivering an all encompassing single platform which is user friendly and can bestow a fully fledged multitasking capability. In the ongoing unprecedented dynamics of doing business, time is of the essence and leaders around the world are seeking a robust CRM service on a single platform which is simple and can integrate the multiple platforms together. One pioneer of this industry is Soffront Software. Soffront is regarded as one of the first companies who disrupted the CRM vertical with its eminent tools and has henceforth culminated their reputation among various big names of the business world today. Soffront, headquartered at Fremont, CA was founded in 1992 with the sole mission to proffer an easy to use, multitasking platform, which can effectively optimize the customer management services. This idea was the inspiration for founder Manu Das, also serving as CEO of Soffront, who with his vision and laudable team has delivered on all the aforementioned challenges in the industry with its various award winning tools and applaud worthy services.

Singularity is the Difference
Presently, there are a lot of companies striving to provide CRM services to their clients but the solutions these troupes have put forth are often regarded as clumsy and rigid because of their incomplete administrations and flimsy user adoption persona. Soffront over the years has been at the forefront in successfully differentiating themselves from its competitors through the virtue of simplicity. "What sets us apart from others is our easily operated platform, which we have designed in such a way that getting the information out of it is as easy as putting the information in it,"explains Manu. There is no enigma involved whatsoever in embedding the customer's history in the tool and once incorporated, this information can easily be accessed anytime in the future.
Another factor that makes this company a pioneer is Singularity. "We have a tab system architectural design that enables clients to work on multiple customers, projects, leads, or customer's issues simultaneously," delineates Manu. This empowers clients to work faster and efficiently on multiple accounts at same time. Marketing, sales and customer's history are merged onto one single platform.
The company is known for its implementation responsibility. Soffront takes full responsibility of making sure the customer is fully enlightened with the offered platform and thus gets full value out of their investment. This forte has enabled the company to form a large and strong clientele, which includes GE transportation, Tangoe, Boeing, and Action COACH to name a few.

The Roadmap
For the imminent future, Soffront is looking forward to expanding its expertise in the franchising industry. Growing SMB sector with additional services is also a major focus of the company.

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