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CellMax Life Eradicating Cancer Deaths
si Team
Thursday, December 11, 2014
Today, the majority of cancer cases are detected late stage, which unfortunately means most patients don't survive the disease. Despite advances in medical technology and clinical care, most cancer outcomes have not changed in decades. Early detection of cancer ultimately remains the only way to control and eliminate the disease.
Early detection remains a challenge as current testing methods are ineffective. They are often invasive, have radiation or other risks, and are inconvenient to the patient, causing low compliance.

CellMax is fundamentally and dramatically transforming early cancer detection and prevention. With its proprietary, simple and accurate blood test. CellMax's goal is to substantially reduce cancer deaths by detecting cancer at an early and most curable stage. CellMax Life CEO Atul Sharan explains, "With a simple, non-invasive blood test that accurately detects cancer and pre-cancerous lesions, CellMax tests can protect patients from debilitating advancement of cancer."
Founded in 2012, CellMax has unique trans-continental roots in both Silicon Valley and Taiwan. CellMax has successfully conducted patient-studies with the largest hospital in Taiwan, which is their first market. The company has ongoing collaborations with several clinicians and researchers at leading institutions like Stanford University and Johns Hopkins in the US and Academia Sinica in Taiwan. "Having a global footprint from inception can be challenging, but it has allowed us to merge best practices and cultures from both Silicon Valley and Asia," says Atul.

The company's first test is for colorectal cancer (CRC). CRC is in fact 100% preventable if detected early enough, because abnormal cells in the colon can take several years to develop into cancer. CellMax offers two blood tests commercially for colorectal cancer. CRC Protect' is for healthy people and will detect it early enough to protect them from colorectal cancer. CRC Monitor' is aimed at patients who have previously been diagnosed with colorectal cancer and are monitoring for cancer recurrence.
CellMax will introduce cancer detection blood tests for other solid tumor cancers over the next two years, including prostrate and lung cancer. Using Taiwan as an important foothold in Asia, they plan to expand commercial activities to India, China and rest of the world. The company is backed by Artiman Ventures from Palo Alto, CA as well as by several leading industrialists in Taiwan.

Globally, tens of millions of people are diagnosed with cancer each year, and almost half of them will eventually die of it. Their only hope is early detection. CellMax's simple blood test has the potential to be adopted worldwide by every person and offers tremendous hope in the battle against cancer.

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