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November - 2011 - issue > Spotlight: Semiconductor
SmartPlay Technologies Expert Designing Services
si Team
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
San Jose based SmartPlay Technologies is an established design services company with expertise in providing digital, analog, wireless software and system design. The company provides design implementation, SoC and IP verification, and physical design services for its semiconductor clients. The team also has expertise in developing wireless and networking software and applications for a wide range of products. It provides complete end-to-end design solutions to its clients. Its expertise in system design also helps its clients to reduce their chip design time. This expertise and clear understanding of the value chain in the hardware and software space also comes in as a positive aspect for its clients. The company was founded in 2008 by Pradeep Vajram. SmartPlay’s design verification expertise assists its clients in developing verification environments for complex, multimillion gate ASICs and SoCs, thereby shortening the verification cycle. “Despite turbulent economic conditions in the last three years, SmartPlay has established itself as one of the leaders in global design services. We attribute this success to our strong team thereby leading to execution excellence,” says Vajram, President and CEO, SmartPlay. The company’s digital and analogue capabilities includes complete SoC / ASIC / FPGA design capabilities – spec to GDSII including RTL design, verification, DFT, and Physical design. They have expertise in advanced technology nodes including 22nm, 28nm, 45nm and 65nm, and have wide range of domain expertise in areas including wireless, networking, processors, and connectivity. The company also has partnership with several major players in the industry including TSMC DCA Partner, Synopsys and Magma, and has successfully delivered several multi-million gate SoCs in advanced technology nodes.

The company also has complete end-to-end mobile software engineering services to OEMs and Chipset vendors, with extensive expertise in system software, mobile protocol stack, connectivity, multimedia and application Solutions. The company’s Wireless Devices design capabilities including hardware, software, ID and test, and it comes with proven Android capabilities and ecosystem partnerships with technology providers. The company is continuously investing in new technologies. “We will continue to invest strategically to be able to provide more value added services in emerging technologies,” says Vajram. It has the ability to do performance testing of handsets, interoperability testing, handset device and application features verification and validation, and field testing. The company has project locations across the globe with projects in U.S., UK, Sweden, Korea, Malaysia, Japan, China and Taiwan. It also has six design centers, three in the U.S. and three in India. The clientele of the company includes Fortune 500 companies to startups.

“We believe in management through ethical and transparent processes, building long-lasting customer relationships and ensuring employee growth and satisfaction,” says Vajram. This belief seems to be working very well for the company. The headcount of the company has grown phenomenal from 60 – 650 in the three years since its inception. The foundation of trust, respect, dignity and personal accountability is what makes SmartPlay culture unique and working. It keeps employee satisfaction, customer relationship and value creation for its clients, as its core values, believes in measurable and sustainable results, and responsive, open and proactive approach. These core values and approach along with its technology has helped it to secure a space for itself in the field.

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