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November - 2011 - issue > Spotlight: Outsourced Product Development
V2Solutions Providing Solutions for Market Convergence
si Team
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Once again, Silicon Valley-based V2Solutions has been awarded a spot on our annual Si100 list. Given their unique capabilities and focus on market convergence, V2 has once more demonstrated the foresight and skill that first brought them to our attention.

Showcasing their knack for perceiving the needs of global enterprises, V2 has shown true insight into the changes happening with how software and content are being used by various industries and end consumers. 2011 saw them bring that knowledge to bear—creating a broad range of distinctive solutions for clients that have put them at the forefront of convergence-focused enterprise solutions. Finding innovative ways to merge IP, process, and tools, V2 is bringing its clients ideas that are proving revelatory to enterprise business. “This has really been happening for us over the last 6 years,” says Founder and CEO, Vijay Shah. “Working with more than 100 clients across a variety of fields, we recognized a paradigm shift occurring in the way software is developed, deployed, and used by the end user. The same is happening with how content is being distributed and consumed by customers. It’s all a tremendous challenge for today’s enterprises. To solve those challenges, we have invested deeply in building tools/IP that enables us to deliver transformational results to our clients. It’s all about keeping them ahead of the game,” he adds.

Like the convergence itself, the competitive advantage V2 represents can’t be ignored. Their combination of domain expertise across Media and Entertainment, Green, Internet business, Software and Healthcare industry verticals coupled with their range of offerings in software development, mobile enablement, analytics, and monetization of digital content, has led to solutions that cut time to market while increasing revenue for their clients.

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