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November - 2011 - issue > Spotlight: Internet
ShopSocially The Shopping Recommendation Engine
si Team
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
ShopSocially is revolutionizing the world of e-commerce by creating a powerful word-of-mouth recommendation platform using social media channels. Founded in 2009, ShopSocially is headquartered in Mountain View, California and has another office in Pune, India. ShopSocially founders Jai Rawat and Samir Palnitkar are both highly successful serial entrepreneurs having started multiple companies in the past.

“Social has democratized marketing,” says Jai Rawat, CEO, “It has shifted the power of marketing into consumer’s hands. Every consumer can now exert an influence over the buying decisions of their friends. Not only that, such word-of-mouth recommendations are a lot more powerful than any form of ads.”

Retailers are flocking to ShopSocially. In the six short months since launching the platform in April 2011, ShopSocially has signed up over 500 customers including top retailers such as Sephora, Zales, Cafepress, Sport Chalet, HBO and ULTA. ShopSocially enables them to convert their shoppers into brand ambassadors who share and recommend their purchases to their social circle. Users also benefit from getting a trusted recommendation from their friends rather than relying on anonymous reviews or carrying out tedious research. ShopSocially is generating thousands of product recommendations, millions of brand impressions and tens of thousands of high converting, new customer traffic to retailers every day. It has already received several awards and recognitions including the coveted “Technology Genius” award by LinkShare.

Research has shown that friend recommendations are trusted almost three times more compared to online ads. With social media channels increasingly making it possible for every consumer to express their opinions to a large audience, it is clear that ShopSocially’s “consumer-to-consumer” marketing approach is going to be the future of eCommerce.

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