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November - 2011 - issue > Spotlight: IT Services
Lancesoft Envisioning Growth & Transformation, Globally
si Team
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
LanceSoft is a global IT Services company providing advanced Information Technology solutions and Consulting Services to a host of corporate clients in the BFSI, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Telecom, Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Federal, State and Local Government space, across crucial markets. LanceSoft is also an industry leader in the areas of Contingent Workforce Management Services & Strategies, and currently services over 20 of the ‘Fortune 50’ organizations across the globe. LanceSoft’s unique proprietary products extended over a highly scalable SAAS platform have helped several of its clients and partners become operationally competitive and highly efficient while substantially reducing costs and overheads.

Founded by Ram Karuppusamy in 2000, LanceSoft is headquartered in Virginia and is closely aligned in 50 U.S. states with nine local offices, one Canadian and two Indian global delivery centers that help cover the Global market. “We are proud of our synchronized people and process approach that help us to aggressively push across frontiers in technology capability and business growth”, says Ram Karuppusamy, CEO, LanceSoft.

LanceSoft also developed the Balance Delivery Model (BDM), a systematic and holistic approach for the management of any distributed project or process. BDM helps identify several of the Business Variables & Constraints unique to an organization, its impact on Cost, Quality & Time, and finally, its associated Risks & Dependencies. On successful implementation, the BDM helps create a uniquely tailored, highly scalable, robust delivery engine to efficiently manage one’s business process.

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