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November - 2011 - issue > Spotlight: Enterprise Security
TeamF1 OEM-Ready Software for Network Security Devices
si Team
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
TeamF1, headquartered in Fremont, California, is a supplier of OEM-ready software to the embedded systems market. The company’s technology offerings build up on existing operating system tools and components and offer its customers embedded network security and performance-critical, hardware-assisted networking protocol implementations in the form of stand-alone modules or complete turnkey solutions.

Mukesh Lulla and Vinai Kolli co-founded TeamF1 in 1998 and have been instrumental in driving the company to grow by bringing pioneering embedded products to the market. The company lets its clients focus on product and feature definition while its combination of field-validated standard software components and custom development services help bring its client’s end-product to market in a low-risk and low-cost way. TeamF1’s sophisticated security and connectivity software, embedded in smart devices, enables secure wired and wireless connectivity in broadband routers, security gateways, and networked storage.

The company’s product range includes the SecureF1rst line of turnkey software solutions and software modules. The SecureF1rst turnkey product range comprises of Security Gateway Solution (SGS), Managed Access Point Solution (MAPS), CPE Gateway Solution (CGS), and Network Attached Storage Solution (NASS), while the module product range encompasses security, IP networking, wireless, and switching products. “We offer a complete networking and security platform tailored to the embedded OEM/ODM market with well-integrated modular technologies including an IPv4/IPv6 network stack, Wi-Fi capable components and various complementary switching and security technologies. Customers have a choice of licensing and integrating specific components into their target applications or engaging with us to provide production-ready turnkey solutions,” says Mukesh Lulla, Co-Founder & President, TeamF1. The company knows that customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and makes it a point to keep its commitments to the customer every time. It is this attitude, which helped the company gain the pace in which it is growing.

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