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November - 2011 - issue > Spotlight: Enterprise Software
Oviya Systems Empowering Corporate Sustainability
si Team
Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Founded in 2009, by Kumaran Perumal, Oviya Systems helps companies by supporting them with implementation and management of Sustainability Initiatives, by using its flagship software product, ‘TransparentCMS’ (Transparent Compliance Management System), a collaborative software platform that is built to achieve transparency across the company’s operations. It supports various types of sustainability assessments including social, environmental and economical to name a few. One can setup, configure, manage, measure and report on the sustainability programs in a very short time. Oviya integrates with existing legacy/enterprise systems to determine the sustainability factors/data that is needed to create a collaborative environment within an Organization. TransparentCMS is a self-contained work-flow based system, where all data and communication is collected at source from the collaborating partners, within an Organization to achieve transparency in the value chain. Organizations can use the results of the sustainability assessments and produce a sustainability index that measures the benefits such as Brand Protection, commitment of the supply-chain partners, accountability of the partners/employees/stake-holders and bottom line growth.

Oviya’s mission is to provide the necessary tools, technologies and solutions that will help Organizations achieve their corporate sustainability goals and work with the Organizations in contributing to a sustainable planet. From the Board Room to the Compliance Auditor, TransparentCMS provides information support for sustainability related initiatives like - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting, Return on Investment, Efficient Compliance, Auditing Operations, Verifiable Reporting and Collaborative Compliance Enforcement.

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