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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: Mobile
Ecrio Right Place at the Right Time
si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
"We are at the right place at the right time," says Nagesh Challa, Founder and CEO, Ecrio. With the advent of 3G mobile networks and broad interest in mobile commerce, the company addresses the Global mobile phone software market and provides client software to enable Real Time Communications on the upcoming 3G networks being deployed by operators worldwide.

Global convergence and interoperability among fixed and mobile networks enable advanced applications from Ecrio such as Push-to-Talk, VoIP and VideoShare. In order to provide an efficient and seamless interaction among these new services, 3G mobile phones need a resident Client Framework that can support multiple applications. These services are delivered over the IP Multimedia System (IMS) framework, currently powering new network services worldwide.

"We partner with infrastructure providers, handset makers and mobile operators to provide complete, optimized and interoperable services – all of which capitalize on the new mobile, high-speed networks," says Larry Loper, VP of marketing.

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, Ecrio is one of the key player in advanced communications and commerce solutions for mobile phones. The company also provides patented MoBeam mobile commerce solutions, which can transmit barcodes (for coupons, gift cards, tickets and more) directly into standard point-of-sale checkout systems.

The third product offering from the company takes advantage of Near Field Communications (NFC), the latest wireless technology. NFC chips in mobile phones and other devices enable consumer payments directly to NFC retail terminals. Ecrio worked with Visa, the world's largest card issuer, to create a custom mobile payment application, currently in global trials with Visa member banks.

The private company is backed by an elite group of investors. In September Ecrio announced the completion of its 'C' investment round, which exceeded U.S. $24 million dollars. CSK, JAIC, and Nomura Securities, all global firms which closely track the wireless industry, joined Aplix, NTT DoCoMo, Visa, and current investor Noventi/CIR Ventures in the round.

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