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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: IT Services
Urpantech Leveraging Executive Search
si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
Despite the slowdown in global economy and companies across the globe tightening their purses, UrpanTech, a recruiting and Executive Search company, closed as many as 30 positions of Sales directors, Solution Architects, for various US Based IT Application Outsourcing Clients during the last four months.

This, says UrpanTech President Pad Swami, brings cheer; in extension, it gives him reason to be upbeat.

“I have seen through the economic downturns of 1993 and post-9/11. One only needs to choose clients who are growing to live through such crises,” says Swami. He claims that every resume that is registered with his firm UrpanTech goes for an interview within 30 to 60 minutes. But what provides for such an impressive track record?

For one, an understanding of the space and the verticals which are growing. Says Swami, “The onsite-offshore space is hot now, what with major corporations cutting costs by outsourcing. Also, good sales/ pre-sales executives are never out of vogue with companies.”

Choosing the clients is as important as servicing them every time and becoming a value added partner for them.

On its part, UrpanTech is going through a change; it is cutting away its network management solution business and focusing solely on executive search. It offers staff augmentation “only when clients demand it”.

Even in executive search, UrpanTech services the areas of regular and leadership IT, HR, banking and sales/ pre-sales. Come 2009, it will foray into the East and West Coast, concentrating on recruitments for IT, pharma, life sciences, and banking and High-tech. UrpanTech is opening its Sales offices at Ohio and NJ in Q1, 2009.

UrpanTech’s new offerings will be Recruiting Services (Contingent and Contracting), Recruiter Training, and Recruitment Consulting and RPO. It will also float a new subsidiary next year, which will function as the Delivery arm and RPO for UrpanTech initially and later to the market place... In a first for the executive search business, says Swami, the subsidiary will offer stock options to recruiters. “But they will have to earn it,” he notes.

UrpanTech is looking at a 2011 exit though acquisition, and Swami believes the company has the potential to achieve significant heights by then. “If I can close all opportunities lying with me right now, I can get $5million even in this difficult quarter.” “But I don’t have the bandwidth,” he rues.

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