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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: Internet
Lifestyle on the web
si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
SecondSpace Inc's mission is to connect people with everything they need to make the most of their "home away from home". The web platform and online services company currently operates the world's largest marketplaces for vacation, second homes, land and rural retreats: ResortScape.com and LandWatch.com. These online destinations with more than one million real estate listings across 100 countries and growing, help people explore areas, find local brokers, connect with service professionals and merchants in the area, locate targeted merchandise, and learn about activities, experiences and attractions. In addition, SecondSpace has extended its platform serving the second home market to a network of more than 50 international and co-branded online properties, including the Global New Homes & Resorts portal at WorldProperties.com, GOLF.com, and Reader's Digest Web properties, The sites, says Satbir Khanuja, the company’s President and CEO, are powered by SecondSpace’s patent-pending Lifestyle Search & Discovery platform.

"The SecondSpace offering goes far beyond the cottage, ski condo, beach house or hundred-acre retreat. It encompasses a special blend of what every consumer wants in their ideal getaway: it could be the beauty of nature; a cabin, ski condo or beach house near or around that special destination you once vacationed and now return through a season-after-season and year-after-year, creating lasting family memories and traditions," says Khanuja.
In addition with the above, properties operated by SecondSpace offer content which reflects amenities present in the area, along with entertainment and recreational offerings available; and a way to find, experienced 'local' service professionals who can help buyers. These selling propositions, says Khanuja, are unique to SecondSpace, and have helped it carve out an identity in a crowded market.

In addition to being a "marketplace", SecondSpace is also a highly targeted "lifestyle matchmaking" service, says the President and CEO. He mentions that the company leverages technology and the Internet to connect customers who are eager to buy with quality businesses ready to serve. "Buyers can discover their dream second home in a number of ways on our sites that are different than a typical search engine. For example, they can start with a lifestyle activity and then refine based on a variety of attributes such as price, location, amenities, and size. SecondSpace's semantic web search capabilities also enable personalization and delivers recommendations, and much more."

Tools developed by the company provide data and insights on what customers want to help the company's partners bring "right things to the right customers in the right way". To keep ahead of the competition, SecondSpace professionals devote their time to constant monitoring and refinement of their database, as well as eliciting experiences from erstwhile customers.

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