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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: Mobile
Goldspot media Interactive Advertising on Mobile- Delivered.
si Team
Monday, November 3, 2008
Goldspot media, a Sunnyvale, California headquartered company is leading the mobile advertising revolution. Video-ready smart mobile devices are poised to become the all-in-one source for information, communication and entertainment. At the same time, increasing deployments of 3G, 4G, and broadcast networks (DVB-H, FLO, DMB etc) around the world are enabling the delivery of rich multimedia services to an ever-increasing audience on the go.

Goldspot media delivers non-intrusive, personalized, interactive advertising campaigns across all mobile channels, inventory owners and applications. "By offering an end-to-end dynamic ad-insertion solution, Goldspot drives profitable mobile advertising business models for service providers, content providers and broadcasters, while providing effectiveness, accurate measurements and ROI justification for advertisers," says Srini Dharmaji, CEO.

As consumers navigate through the prevailing economic conditions, discretionary spend on Value Added Services (VAS) is bound to decrease. GoldSpot's solution enables the Mobile video value-chain with high value interactive impressions to offset declining ARPU from pure subscription models across all forms of mobile video services to mobile devices.

The company is all set to provide this burgeoning new marketplace with a unified mobile advertising platform that not only delivers the optimal user experience, but also benefits all inventory owners and addresses critical business model issues to create new revenue opportunities throughout the mobile ecosystem. "Our client-server mobile advertising solution is based on an intellectual property platform that includes scores of patents pending in the areas of mobile ad distribution, insertion, storage, interactivity, and reporting," states Dharmaji.
GoldSpot Media's end-to-end interactive advertising solution adapts the proven inventory and revenue sharing business models used successfully in the traditional TV market and optimize them for the highly personal and portable mobile communications medium. GoldSpot Media’s solution converts traditional/linear TV spot inventory into innovative ad formats optimized for "snacking" or shorter format mobile TV, resulting in high-value interactive mobile impressions.

Recently the company has raised $3 million funding from Silicon Valley investor Exa Ventures. With a Research and Development Center in Bangalore, India, and sales offices in Europe and Malaysia, the GoldSpot Media is fast becoming the de-facto standard for interactive advertising on mobile.

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