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Technology: Changing the face of Global Air Travel business

Jagat Mishra
Chief Product Officer -Mystifly
Sunday, June 15, 2014
Jagat Mishra
Founded in 2009, Mystifly is a Bangalore based anywhere-to-anywhere airfare consolidation services company offering airfare content from over 900 airlines across 70 countries.

Mystifly is a leading Global airfare consolidator, offering airfare content from 900+ airlines across 70 countries on API enabled Single platform - MyFareBox OnePoint, to Global Travel Technology companies.

With its customer base across 60 countries (nearly), it also caters to Travel companies facilitating anywhere-to-anywhere lowest local airfares on MyFareBox. Mystifly has won the coveted Best Global Travel Consolidation Services,2014 at India Travel awards.

The Core Element
Air travel agents are faced with travelers, who expect the best deals, latest information & varied choices at their fingertips, while corporations demand full cost transparency & control over policy compliance.

Throughout the ever-evolving air travel industry, one core element has remained unchanged & critical-Technology. Technology's brisk pace & need of the travelers have propelled travel agents to constantly reinvent & redefine their role & that of their business. Convenience, communication, productivity & marketing are the primary ways that technology is enhancing their businesses.

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