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Soppnox Communication Media: Bridging RoI Deficit through Innovative Practices

Anamika Sahu
Friday, June 6, 2014
Anamika Sahu
When nearly 92 percent of the marketers give importance to social media for their business and four out of five consumers use smartphones to shop; it is surely the dawn of digital marketing. In a survey conducted among the social media savvy organizations in India, around 95.7 percent of the participants used social media to build communities and advocate usage, while 76.1 percent use it as a platform to highlight brand news. At a time when brands are moving towards this digital space to extract maximum value for their investment, Soppnox Communication Media Pvt Ltd is standing tall with 100 percent client satisfaction and retention since their inception in 2004.

While keeping clients happy for over a decade is a Augean task, Soppnox has been successfully accomplishing it with the help of their highly experienced personnel who excels in capturing client's thought & needs, refine and execute it in a way to fit their needs. Every other digital marketing company is in a rage to provide more services at lesser price and promise to deliver results in a short time. But Soppnox's journey till date has provided them with an edge over others. They understand the pros and cons well thus believe in customer satisfaction above all.

The company currently offers digital planning & consulting, search engine optimization & marketing, social media optimization & marketing, video & content marketing, media planning & media buying, e-Commerce solutions, creative design, affiliate marketing, mobility and email marketing. These bunch of services are provided individually, selectively and also all-in-one. But none of these services are forcefully spoon fed to their clients. Soppnox understands the clients' business & consumers, and works relentlessly towards their marketing needs. "Every marketer now uses digital media for the growth of their business and the moment they take our services, they have nothing to worry about thereon," says Anil Kumar, Founder & Managing Director, Soppnox.

Time and again, Soppnox has proved themselves and thus have built a long portfolio of over 300 global clients including Tektronics, Manipal Hospitals, Titan Eye+, Samyakk, Dollar Industries Ltd., Cadabam's, Sapnaonline.com, Excel Dwellings, In4velocity among others. Their team has in-depth knowledge about the industry and they constantly keep themselves updated with this ever changing technology.

Marketers of every industry expect high RoI within a small span of time from digital marketing companies. At the rate at which each industry is growing, it is imperative to catch up with their each and every development. With major of their clients based outside India who better understand the benefits of digital marketing; it is still hard to persuade Indian marketers to opt the service. Indian marketers still follow the conventional marketing ways for their business, and companies like Soppnox are striving to make the change happen. To overcome this challenge, Soppnox is planning to conduct training sessions for small time and medium entrepreneurs, consult and educate more Indian clients on digital marketing which affects their business on a long term basis and conduct digital marketing classes via Skype, Hangout and webinars.

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