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E2E Research: Serving Market Research Organizations with a Dash of Value Add

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Anamika Sahu
Market research has come a long way for pen & paper to using technology and social media. The reports that were extracted in months time are now available within days on your fingertips. The status quo has changed dynamically. Research firms who use latest technology may be handful but are in midst of cut throat competition. This emphasized a need to outsource their research work to offshore firms or third party but with the one who leverages cutting edge technologies like social media and mobile to provide the fastest yet the most accurate research reports. It helps one gain quality of data which is immediately available, reduce the time and get the most accurate of reports. With the young and passionate team of enthusiasts, E2E Research is emerging as one of the prominent players in the global offshore research firm providing leading suite of services to market research organizations. It is currently positioned as a one-stop-shop supporting all the major activities of a market research business.

Founded in 2010 by Rupa Raje and Yogesh Rana, E2E Research combines parameters including quality, experience, turnaround time, latest technology, and process improvement to deliver desired results to their clients. Their varied technical expertise across the services and platforms enable them to offer the host of solutions with a dash of value add to their clients. Their pool of services includes online sample procurement through a pool of quality panel providers, partnered with CATI providers to support telephone interviews and support data pulling from the social media site.

Headquartered in New Delhi also with an office in Mumbai, E2E supports individual services or complete operational services in a life cycle of a market research study. This includes organically develop, grow and manage the basic and community panel data of clients; listening, engaging and analyzing the social media data; project management for a service or the complete life cycle of a project; transition management from existing to a newer platform; and technology driven value added services like building customized applications and infographic. While the team at E2E has a strong understanding of International Market Research Business and is fast to adapt to clients requirements; their robust suite of services are strongly backed by technology expertise, domain knowledge, responsiveness, defining processes, quality assurance and fast turnaround time.

The Emergence of Excellence
Three years back when Rupa decided to work on another set of challenges that she has never faced in her carrier journey of over 14 years, she chose one of the most crucial business vertical - offshore market research - that could satiate her thirst for innovative challenges. But the transition from a professional to being an entrepreneur came with its own set of challenges. Though there were few organizations who offered authentic offshore market research services, pressure on the pricing ability topped the chart. The competition was not just with such organizations but also with the ones mushrooming just to make the pricing a dirty game. Whilst services offered by them were cheap that fostered clients’ attention, they were neither authentic nor reliable. Contrary to these newcomers, the established players were also a threat as big customers were already under their portfolio umbrella. But the business acumen that Rupa comes with, she built a team of fresh talent and groomed them eventually to become the industry's most up-to-date employees. "A good company is as good as its team. The time when I entered the market, the experienced professionals were all taken off by established firms. Hence, I decided to built a team of freshers who glued with the latest technologies to provide the best services globally," explicates Rupa Raje, Co-Founder & CEO, E2E Research. This differentiation pulled people from various countries to join hands with E2E. Today, the company has people based out of UK and U.S. to support their outsourcing business making them one of the strong contenders in the space.

The research industry has eventually evolved breaking the fragmentation of the array of services offered. But the technology adoption has broken the ice and given E2E an edge over others. Clients not just come to them for cost saving outsourcing model but because of the cutting edge technology they have adopted to provide value add and fast turnaround time. While several organizations are stuck with the traditional methods of research, E2E supports different methodologies like customized research, online research, mobile research, qualitative research and social media research encompassing Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs and others to extract data. These data are brought together on a common platform to bring out the behavior, sentiments of what people are talking about. Since these data are easily available on network, E2E provides an unbiased return comment by the users themselves from the social media. E2E also does a lot of customized portal, customized tools and support clients in building different applications whether it is mobile or online, but only after understanding the clients’ end use. While building customized tools, the software or the application is tuned to the research required or the end product required for the client. This ensures a quick turnaround time along with quality of data collected. The result is provided not through the old power point presentation, but with the modern approach and an interesting way – story board telling and infographic in a static picture or dynamic way.

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