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CheersBye Technologies: Redefining Social Media by Unraveling its Full Potential

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, June 6, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Every businessman is in dire need to get hold of a savvy marketer who will fit in their shoes and craft a solution that will promote their business to the maximum.Especially the SMBs with limited financial capabilities need a cost-effective solution provider who catches the pulse of their industry. CheersBye Technologies, a Chennai-based internet marketing company,is amassed with handpicked experts from the services industry. Though they cater to popular brands and have wide range of clientele across the globe,their main focus is to aid the SMBs across any industry; so they can reach wider audience cost-effectively. Since they know the pulse of the each industry, they not only understand the client's business requirements and their end customers' requirements, but are also equipped to gratify their customers with business as well as operational fulfillment.

CheersBye Technologies part of the CheersBye Group of Companies was founded in 2009. The CEO of the company Marc Derock, is a perfectionist who set CheersBye Tech benchmark for quality against the best international marketing companies. Since he understands that in today's fast paced world, technology changes every six months, he gives utmost importance to drive innovation through latest technologies. It enables his team to unfurl their full potential and deliver out-of-the-box services including creative Web & Mobile Websites, Logo designs, Brand development, Social Media Management like building Facebook Fans,Twitter Followers, Blog Members, Youtube Channel Views, Promotions and Moderation among others. CheersBye Tech perfectionism also facilitates them to build their forte in social media marketing and stand apart from others by providing uniquely designed applications on Facebook for any given client.

CheersBye Tech redefines the needs of clients by unraveling the full potential of social media including the different technologies available in online medium to keep them always forward. Once the clients are elucidated, CheersBye Tech executes a meticulous research and strategizes a 360 degree solution including technology aspects that surpasses client's requirements and converts the social media into a business generating platform.They become technology partners to their clients rather than being just a transactional business.

While CheersBye Tech is the one-stop-shop for a few clients, they envision a future where they are the one point solution provider for all when it comes to their online needs. Marc Derock's handpicked team of experts who understand the business requirements of the industry, online marketing and technology, cross-trains each other and attends workshops to keep up the innovation. Along with their expanding national and international clientele including UK, Singapore and entire South India,they plan to keep spreading geographically.

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