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TheSocialPeople: Taking Your Business to the Virtual World

Pankaj Kundwani
Friday, June 6, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
With millions of people adding on every day, social media is growing at the speed of light. It has unlocked a new virtual world of people to help enterprises identify what impacts their customer experience, which is today's parameter of competitive advantage. 'TheSocialPeople' (TSP), a company founded in 2010, comes as a crackerjack in connecting businesses to its present and prospective customers on the web. Based in Chennai, the company facilitates making the best strategic use of social media in a measurable and performance-driven way. It helps clients engage with their customers and fans using social media technologies and non-traditional tactics. "We are a hybrid agency that blends marketing, public relations, advertising, and content development. We focus on viral based content marketing and converting strategy into a tactic, rather than picking on a strategy and being unable to execute it," says Viral Thaker, Founder & CEO, TheSocialPeople.

Rather than bombarding people with messages through different mediums, TSP emphasizes on listening to what people say, understand their likes and dislikes, analyze their behavior, and make them experience the best. In doing so, the company came up with a big-data and social media intelligence tool - 'Qontifi' in 2013, which is a complete Online Reputation Management (ORP) tool. It helps businesses engage with audiences across various social networks and reduces response time by around 80 percent. The software powers businesses with an ability to listen to what the web world is talking about and identify the sentiments around a particular brand.It further helps enterprises monitor their brand against competitors' on various criteria such as campaign outreach, engagement, and more.

Businesses can campaign all social media messaging from a single window and schedule future messages without switching multiple portals and windows. The amount of intelligence that can be hauled out from the data pool of social networks is immense and Qontifi enables businesses to structure this data into a matrix of ever evolving prospects. This intelligence helps to spot the trends, create ground-breaking strategy and meet mission-critical objectives of the organizations.

With subject matter experts on board, TSP leaves no stone unturned in designing and spreading the right message. It offers various content services such as writing blogs, creative slogans, and more. Well versed in anything to do with social media technology, functional or technical,TSP has helped B2B as well as B2C brands like Phoenix Marketcity, Maverick Fitness, Adrenalin eSystems, and Thinksoft Global gain a great foothold over social media.

The organization has also been very successful in leveraging up to the minute technologies- SocialMobile Analytics and Cloud.All its solutions are qualified as cloud products that help organizations achieve higher RoI by eliminating the need to invest heavily in infrastructure. Utilizing the potential of mobile and gaming; TSP provides mobile ad campaigns and gamification where any ad can be brought to life with some kind of marketing message to it. The company also has the knack to help enterprises launch their own integrated social networking sites for employees or stakeholders.

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