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TouchMagix: Building Social Connect For Your Company

Anamika Sahu
Friday, June 6, 2014
Anamika Sahu
TouchMagix is the brain child of Anup Tapadia -a young enthusiast who is the world's youngest Microsoft Certified System Engineer Solutions Developer, who founded a company at the age of 16 to create technologies from India for the globe, skipped his bachelors and did two masters degree from IIIT Pune and University of California. His past consulting experience for startups in technology and digital media space in Silicon Valley prompted him to come back to India to start his own media company ToughMagix in the year 2009 with a motive to create a media that is very immersive and engaging for people.

The Pune based company has developed several applications for floors, walls, tables and mobile phones. The USP of each product is their ability to attract customer engagement through gesture-based and multi-touch technologies. Their Any Phone Any Display interactive technology MagicFone allows customers to use their mobile phone as the interactive device for screens to play games, answer quizzes, send social messages and more. For instance, if a customer walks into a mall where he sees a display with IPL quiz running with a note to dial to play, the customer can simply dial the number or send an SMS from his mobile and his mobile will become the remote control of the screen. All this without the need for any Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any application download.

Such is the ease of applications developed by ToughMagix. Interactive Walls, Interactive Floors, Interactive Bar, MagixTable, Multi-Touch Hardware and Multi-Touch Software are some of their other products that are developed with gesture and touch-based technology.

While several other agencies are engaged in integrating technologies; TouchMagix has gained a strong background in creating innovative gesture and touch technologies. Their open platform allows third party developers or agencies and content providers to use these platforms and develop interactive engagement contents on it. TouchMagix has created large format multi-touch technology that allows them to create displays ranging from 32 inch diagonal to 500 inch screen as a single display. "An interactive engagement with customers lead to higher brand recall than hoarding or promotion activities and such innovative technologies make us stand out of the crowd," explains Anup Tapadia.

Justifying the name TouchMagix, the company helps B2B segment to create their brand value in their customers� not just minds but hearts as well with the magical touch through TouchMagix's products and solutions. Currently, the company serves clients in FMCG, banks and automobile sectors and includes companies like Skoda, Volkswagen, Tata, Citibank, State Bank of India, National Bank of Abu Dhabi among others as their satisfied customers in over 40 countries across all the seven continents, either directly or through their partners.

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