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SmartSocialBrand: Booking Your Space in the Digital World

Pankaj Kundwani
Friday, June 6, 2014
Pankaj Kundwani
Rewinding back a decade, the only mediums available to businesses in India to market were newspaper and radio. But the costs involved didn't fit into the pockets of SMEs that constitute a large part of Indian market. In recent years, the advent of digital media has come as a game changer and has given a platform to even a local kirana store in the remotest corner to get visibility in the global market. The mobile internet users in India are growing at a sky-scraping rate and have opened up new possibilities for enterprises to compete and attract customers in the virtual world. Sensing the trend, SmartSocialBrand comes with an immense ability to take businesses to the digital world with tools, strategies and plans developed by the best of the brains.

Founded in 2010, the Hyderabad based company has helped many customers in the U.S. and Australia to get great foothold over the social media space. Now it wishes to bring its focus to the Indian market where enterprises have geared up to make the best use of this highly promising medium. SmartSocialBrand is a specialist in providing result oriented digital marketing solutions taking care of the complete cycle of a social media campaign right from the point of thinking to the point of execution and gauging results.

Though, challenges prevail in making the customers understand varied aspects of digital marketing as their knowledge on the same is limited. The medium is so dynamic that the channels, messages, algorithms and strategies keep changing, and customers are not very aware of the development that is happening. Aligning with clients' objectives, SmartSocialBrand covers all aspects ranging from social media marketing, digital marketing campaigns, SEO, paid search engine marketing, application development to web design & development among others. "We are a full-fledged digital marketing firm with an ability to understand consumer behavior in the digital space. We reach our clients and ensure that they reach theirs the way they want," says Srinivas Byreddy, CEO, SmartSocialBrand.

On the course of designing a campaign, the company closely studies the competitors, target customers & their demography along with every aspect of a clients business. A young team of 38 digital media enthusiasts ensure that each of their work is incomparable and unique based on which it formulates most suitable plans and channels to help clients expand their digital presence and engage more and more customers. "We listen and understand our client's expectations and deliver trustworthy and cost-effective services to our clients globally," adds Srinivas.

Helping global clients achieve greater RoI, the passionate team at SmartSocialBrand works round the clock. It has separate teams of graphic designers, content, technology, strategy and execution who work towards helping customers reach their customers. The company has seen a growth of 110 percent in 2013 and foresees it to cross 130 percent in the coming year expanding further to Mumbai and Delhi.

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