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Midas Touch Consultants: Paramount in Bonding Customers to Their Customers

Susila Govindaraj
Friday, June 6, 2014
Susila Govindaraj
Internet is playing a major role in decision making process of customers. They research online and make up a large quantum of their minds prior approaching the vendors. To earn their trust and to achieve a strong business outcome, organizations should astonish them by bringing their knowledge expertise to light in front of the customers when they seek. After all, at the end of the day, everything comes down to RoI. That is why Pune based Midas Touch Consultants, a digital marketing and social media agency, links their every activity to achieve quantifiable and quantitative business outcomes.

Radha Giri founded MidasTouch in 2010 to aid small and mid-size companies to utilize the power of internet marketing to reach global audience.The strong experience of the Founders enables Midas Touch to provide a strong offering to companies in variety of domains such as mobile apps and games, business intelligence, entertainment, software services, real estate, industrial packaging and BPO among others.They have an interesting mix of customers including industrial packaging who were thought to be the last one to use social media. Amongst the differential offerings of Midas Touch, one of the offering is Influencer Marketing where they study the social habits of customers and devise a solution in their comfort zone, so they can adapt easily.

Their name indicates their primary services, product, digital, content marketing & social selling do turn the business of every customer into gold. Since they believe online marketing should be a continuous and consistent activity to reap the real benefit, they provide overall digital media marketing - right from strategy to end-to-end execution. Whilst their versatile services are offered through various channels like social media platforms, webinars, podcasts and inbound marketing, they are indomitable in e-mail marketing & PPC (Pay Per Click). And their awards speak for them.

They won the award for Best Social Media Agency of the year 2013 from The Global Youth Marketing Forum. And this February, they outdone themselves and won the award for Best B2B Social Media Agency of the year 2014 granted by the same. While they bring their award-winning marketing expertise, latest tools and technologies to the table, they need their client's active participation and continuously updating them. It could be exigent to promote confidence and create a position for their clients in the minds of their customers with insufficient information.

"We insist clients to deeply educate us about their business objectives, so we can bond them with their customers by making the end customers feel connected with our clients," says Radha Giri, CEO, Midas Touch Consultants.In such an aggressive industry, they look to hire employees with dynamic attitude where they have to constantly shape-up themselves to the latest trends.While they have a couple of customers in U.S., they plan to tune-in with them and expand in to that territory by the end of this year while working with more B2B companies and soar to greater heights.

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