The Industry is Yet to Evolve

Girish Gupta
CEO-Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund
Friday, June 6, 2014
 Girish Gupta
RVCF (Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund) is a professionally managed and privately held company and manages two SEBI registered domestic venture capital funds. Their focus of investment is startups and mid-stage companies.

In a country of 1.2 billion population, the number of successful startups can perhaps be counted on fingers. However, the number is increasing, especially with a higher ratio younger population things get better. Indian Startup ecosystem is in a much better shape today than it was a decade or even five years ago. Simply put, there are more Incubators, Accelerators, VC firms, Angel Funds, Investment bankers, focusing exclusively on Startups today than earlier. Today's founders and entrepreneurs are much more comfortably placed in terms of:
(1)Number of funding options - More Angel funds, accelerators, Investment bankers, SME exchange, better IPO market
(2)Quality of Mentorship available - Increase in number, more of people who have themselves run
businesses and have been through the grunge
(3)Media support/Entrepreneurship Events - More number of events, print/online/TV media
(4) Patience level of investors - Failures are acceptable, acceptance that there may be rough patches
(5) Social acceptance level - Society has graduated and being an entrepreneur is 'In'! Society is more likely to accept a failed venture too

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